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Name: Doodlebop, but call me Doodle.
Gender: Female
Voice Type: Deep, apparently. But voice filters are AWESOME.
Languages/Accents: American (with a slight western tang! ...Really slight. I live in a city.). I can fake some accents, but it's pretty bad. As for languages, English, but I'm learning Latin (cuz that's real applicable).
Contact Details: VM or PM me.
Availability: I'm pretty free. During November, I'm doing NaNoWriMo, but I can still do it! ...Because I'm a lazy slacker...
Voice Sample: HAVE AT YOU. /lolwat


THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
Quick note: I usually go by Doodleniks. It you see me somewhere else with that alias, feel free to drop me a line! ;)
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