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Default What did you do today?


Instead of a summary, I'll explain this thread in a Q&A fashion.

Q: What is this thread about?
A: Quite simple. You discuss what you did today or very, very, very recently.

Q: That would mean this is a DCC rip-off, correct?
A: No, but you have a point. The DCC is about chit-chat conversation, and this is only about what you did.

Q: Still, this is too familiar to the DCC... sorry.
A: Not at all. Since when have you seen a conversation that formal about what you did?

Q: Either way, are there any rules?
A: I guess so. Same rules as the rest of the forum...

MODERATORS: If you seriously do believe that this is unnecessary, please let me know before you take action. I'm only trying to make PE2K more active. Thanks.

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