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Default Re: Azumao's Sprite Shop

Originally Posted by Male Snorunt View Post
The first is adorable, the second is really powerful and awesome looking.

My requests are sort of getting increasingly difficult, tell me if you want me to go easier on you.

Hard one: Relicanth+Yanmega, you choose base.

Easy one that I request from literally everyone who sprites here, sort of as a test of skill: Crobat+Masquerin, you choose base.
I'm glad you like them. =) Here are your two new requests:

Originally Posted by PigMan View Post
That's why I was wondering how you would do it, thanks.
You're welcome!

Originally Posted by Rago View Post
I'd like to request a fusion please:
Dialga and Feraligatr (Base.) Thanks!

@Mistress Meg and Eeveelutions:
I'll get to yours later today! =)