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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

Luna and Nadia

Luna chuckled softly, sprinting after Skye easily, unsheathing her sword and lightly perching it's flat on her shoulder. "Nadia, come on. People are something we both can handle. Just point me to the bad guys." She said, suddenly feeling more capable of helping, and some of her stress lessened and allowed her to keep pondering the feeling of knowing the pale blue hedgehog. She darted up to Skye and sighed. "I know this is probably not the right time, but the feeling will bother me until I figure it out, do you recognize me? Because I could swear I know you from somewhere...did you ever venture to a small town near a forest called Rhea when you were younger?" She asked, and even as she it, something seemed to fall into place in her head. She kept running, but she got the image of a small pale blue hedgehog standing before her, staring at her blankly, eyes burning a hole into her, it felt, and she shivered. Is that him? Why can't I remember clearly? She wondered as Nadia came bouncing behind her.

"I know small healing spells and I'm focused on air magic, but I know other basic spells, where would I be best focused?" The panther called up to them, wanting to be best prepared for the situation at hand. She shivered to herself as the full impact of the dark being in the village, catching bits of conversation. "We need to hurry..." She whimpered, not liking the turn the discussion was taking.

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