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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

Luna and Nadia

"I see," Luna murmured as she burst into the clearing, making a straight shot for the nearest beast and dispatching it with a quick swing if her massive sword. She blinked as a spear of air streaked past her head, whipping her hair against the side of her face with enough force that it stung. She watched as it impaled another beast making it's way towards her, it fell, clutching it's stomach. "Nice shot, Nadia!" She called, turning in time to see another smaller monster going for her rather quickly. "Behind you!" She shouted, Nadia turned and swiped her staff through the air so that the tip of the crystal on the staff caught it and sliced a clean gash across the creature's body. Nadia gave a war cry and stabbed it with a motion of finality, a wave of air emitted from the tip slicing the creature in half.

"Got it!" She called, Luna nodded and turned to finish off the monster Nadia had downed with the spear of air. She blinked and suddenly the monster heaved itself up, hole in it's middle quickly closing. Crap! Healing! She realized, darting towards it and slashing it's midsection one way, then diagonally up on the second swing, both hands firmly gripping her sword to give herself the maximum amount of force she could. She ducked as she heard a rapidly approaching air disturbance, and another spear of air flew over her head, smashing through the creature's forehead. This time it fell to the ground and did not get up.

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