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Default Re: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

It's more of a cultural related issue. Sure, Chinese mothers may believe their children are better, but better in what precisely? To me, this is all quite honestly a biased, stereotypical, and quite frankly arrogant claim.

In my opinion, duress is not as strong of a motivator as passion is. Threatening someone with "you'd better do this now or I'll..." will ever forge as good of a display of talent as someone who loves, feels, and is deeply inspired to do something because their heart and mind tell them to. Simply put, what kind of player do you think would be better, the piano player who was forced under threats, beating, and duress to play, or the piano player that has an absolute, heartfelt love for music and the instrument, and is self-motivated by choice to become the best they can? My money would be on the later.

Lastly, in terms of book smarts, academically speaking, grades are essentially a reflection of how well the student learned the material within the context of the course. Never once was it mentioned that what was learned is essentially useless if the student never actually uses and applies what was learned outside of that context. Simply turning one's brain into a warehouse of facts really won't help too much unless you're on a game show. Not unless you're applying it actively for a constructive purpose.

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