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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

I just think a lot more people are growing out of Pokémon, cannot embrace the new nor intend to see what they originally loved and grew up with expand or change. I have been a loyal, dedicated fan for more than twelve years, and not once has my loyalty wavered. I had to grin and bear it through Hoenn, but I saw the light again once we got to Sinnoh. Now, at Unova, I think we are going back to Pokémon's roots. Believe it or not, Pokémon took a noble and worthy risk of creating a generation filled with brand-new Pokémon, not just a handful of new ones and then a bunch of pre-evolutions and evolutions. And I am afraid I do not understand what people say when they say that the new Pokémon "don't look like Pokémon." They are. Each generaton has a specific style. Kanto was just simplicity. Johto took said simplicity and made it better. Hoenn took a risk and failed with its "advanced" style. Sinnoh improved off of that a little. Unova combined the simplicity and the advanced to form something new. And I love it. ;D

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