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Default Re: Lesbian mouse gene found

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
I was merely suggesting a possibility for why homosexuality is passed down, it wasn't an absolute statement. Either way, the fact exists that homosexuality can be passed down genetically (as it obviously is).
Fair enough. I am merely refining your statements to accommodate for current genetic understanding.

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Khaj was talking about population, not density, so I was using his argument. Even so, in nature food supply is almost always an issue long before crowding becomes a problem. Unlimited food and water supplies usually just don't occur in nature, so a population will typically start starving to death before it gets to being overcrowded to that point. Rats are also territorial, so in nature they would very rarely, if ever, become crowded like in that situation.
And thus I corrected that analogy by stating that it is density that is important. It didn't have much to do with you as it has to do with the entirety of the argument itself. I am stating that Khaj would have been right if he chose his words differently.

However, what is true is that humans can be crowded like that situation. This is why the information there is so important, because our urban centers function very similarly to the box analogy: we have very small spaces where a lot of people gather, and within such a constraint, there is no food or water problems due to our use of supermarkets, plumbing, etc. Thus the use of the animal model itself actually sheds some light into human behaviour in an indirect fashion. That I think is the most important take home message that I was trying to state.
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