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We have human and animal rights. I'm sorry if you think otherwise but humans prefer to defend their own just as bears would eat people near them to defend their own.

Food is food. If its nutritious and not my own species I don't care how I get it and I don't care what it went through to become nutritious. You're right animals are treated terribly in a human context. But we aren't animals we don't know how they feel or even if they can feel about their situation. So assuming things and becoming extremists who do nothing but whine to corporations and people who honestly could care less and vandalizing property that doesn't belong to them is nothing but a wasted effort.

Heck, there are many criminals. Take one of the millions who've been sentenced to life or execution and test on them or make them into meat. They've been given that sentencing for a reason...
Yes its your choice to be a cannibal.

I hope you realize the pain, suffering, and sadness that people throw away in these animals.
Last I checked I couldn't ask a pig if he was sad if his mommy became my dinner. You may be following a cause with good intentions but you know nothing of how an animal feels so unless you were a pig or some other animal we consume or use on a regular basis I don't think you or anyone part of that organization has the right to say anything about how an animal feels.

Just because you don't like yourself being in that situation doesn't necessarily the animal minds it.

Cock fighting, dog fighting, beating an crippling dogs and cats and then tossing them aside, these are examples of true animal cruelty. These are real crimes to both the animal and nature because the meat goes no where except the dump. They are our prey as long as we treat them as prey (aka consume them or using them for our lives) then there is nothing wrong with living as an omnivore should.

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