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Default Re: Open Battle: Mawile_rocks vs sammy0295

On an open field covered in waves of grass, two trainers meet. No words need be exchanged; they both know their purpose here. It's time for a battle. Released on Mawile's side, a small purple chibi in black clothes-shaped fur and white bows-Gothia. On Sammy's, what appears to be a hybrid of a fox and a dog, covered in brown and white fur-Eevee. The battle begins.


[Jolt] Eevee (Male)
Ability: Adaptability
Shadow Ball~Yawn


[Bow] Gothita (F)
Ability: Shadow Tag
Sig move: None
Double Team~Calm Mind

Jolt makes the first move, opening his mouth wide and calling upon the coldest part of his being, his very soul. His head cocks back, and a purple ball forms above it, forming from the ghostly energies being exhaled from Jolt's mouth. Quick as a flash, he releases them, firing the fully formed Shadow Ball directly at his target. Bow reacts and attempts to get out of the way, but the attack is too fast, and it strikes her side. Fortunately she's still fresh, but still, that hurt.

Incensed, the Gothita begins shuffling her feet, summoning a meager amount of speed. She hops back and forth between two spots, eager to please her trainer by winning, and soon enough she reaches enough speed to achieve the afterimage effect that Double Team is famous for. The copy turns from blurry to solid, and is soon enough independent of the original Gothita, though it lacked any sort of solidity.

Jolt, however, is unimpressed. In fact, he's bored. Remembering his Trainer's instructions, he utilizes that boredom in conjunction with his own powers. His mouth pops open, stretching even farther than when he had used the Shadow Ball, and he lets out a giant yawn. Aside from being squeal-inducingly adorable, this also releases a wave of sound from his mouth. Though harmless when it passes over the Trainers, it washes over Bow and causes her to glow light gray momentarily, leaving her feeling particularly tired, as though she had stayed up all through the night before.

Remarkably, this new state makes her next move much easier. She relaxes and sits down on her knees, her double following suit, and closes her eyes. Her mind attempts to drift, and she allows it, letting her imagination take her riding unicorn ponies on rainbows over chocolate mountains topped with sugary snow. Her entire body, but particularly her mind, relaxes at these very happy thoughts, helping her into a higher and much less stressful state of awareness. When she opens her eyes, everything is suddenly slightly sharper, more clearly defined, more noticeable than before, despite her sudden exhaustion. She stands, albeit slowly, ready to take on her foe.


[Jolt] Eevee (Male)
Health: 100
Energy: 68
Status: No effects active. Still kinda bored by these shenanigans.


[Bow] Gothita (F)
Health: 92
Energy: 83
Status: Very relaxed (Calm Mind, SpAtt/SpDef+1). Double Team active (1 clone). Feels like a nap (Drowzy, 1 action remaining).

Jolt: Shadow Ball (rolled 16 out of 16, 1 for critical. Dealt 8 damage. Rolled 21 out of 100, 20 or lower for SpeDef drop. Energy cost: 12)
Bow: Double Team (1 clone created. Energy cost: 8)
Jolt: Yawn (Ignores accuracy. Bow becomes drowzy. Energy cost: 8)
Bow: Calm Mind (SpAtt, SpDef rise. Energy cost: 9)
Double Team and Yawn: Yawn being a wide spread area effect rather than a focused damage attack, it was not affected by Double Team's cloning affect. Similarly, it did not disrupt the clone.
Sammy will send moves first.
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