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Thumbs up Official Pe2K Battle Of The Week (Week 4) (Nomination Stage!)


  • Every Week, users will nominate the players they most wish to see play
  • The most nominated users will have to battle against each other
  • The tier will be decided by the players, due to some players not playing every metagame.
  • If a user does not wish to participate, he can opt out.
  • The matches will be over Simulator [PO] to start off with
  • Any community user can be nominated, but I feel competitive players should be nominated over non-competitive players.
  • All matches will hopefully be put up on the youtube channel
  • The maximum number of players you can nominate are 3
  • Nominate the players in order of priority.

Feel free to nominate the players you wish to see play this week. Good Luck Everyone!

Week 1: Dark Shadow Lord vs Badal [log]
Week 2: BlueJello vs Gofre [log] [video]
Week 3: Latisiblings vs Skippy the Great [log]

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