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Default Re: Open Battle: Osha-WHAT vs Hitmonfighter

This was serious business.
In the grassy field – the plain grassy field, this stereotype of stereotypes, with a plain blue sky and fat white clouds above – it was time for two entities, known only as Osha-WHAT and Hitmonfighter, to meet in battle. Not only was this the first time for this quite legendary matchup, but this was the first time either of them had ever battled. All of this was taken into account and duly factored into the referee’s most solemn expression.
This, indeed, was serious business.
The ref shot a glance at Osha-WHAT, and said, “The challenger sends first.”
Osha nodded, picking out a Pokeball from her belt with care. What a way to start her first Pokemon battle with this, the creature spawned from the line of Unova’s greatest dragons!
“Go, Kibago!” she cried as she tossed the Pokeball, using the ancient and secret name of this amazing beast rather than the demeaning term modern homo sapiens now used for it. A creature with a hide of scintillating olive scales and red eyes filled with the fires of the ancient ones appeared in a haze of scarlet light. Its tusks gleamed in the light – Axew, heir of legends.
After a few seconds of consternation, Hitmonfighter made a choice that was no less noble. He tossed forth his Pokeball, and out of it came a handsome yellow reptile with a large mouth and a red underbelly. It tugged restlessly at the folds of richer-hued, baggy hide around its hips, which it could pull over itself in times of need and use to hide from dire foes.
They were Axew and Scraggy, and they were ready for battle.
“All right,” said the ref, sizing up the two Pokemon and suddenly wondering why on earth she letting this get so dramatic, “start.”


[Kibago] Axew (F)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Eager for something to use her tusks on.
Substitute @ 5% ~ Toxic


[Punch] Scraggy (M)
Ability: Shed Skin
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: A little anxious, but willing to go the distance.
Attract ~ Counter / Dragon Claw


Neither Pokemon was very fast, but Kibago had the advantage of being just slightly nimbler than a pantsed snake. Hearing her orders, she tugged out a great deal of grass from the ground for a quick, expendable decoy. She opened her mouth; a single wisp of white energy poured from her and into the bundle of grass. The Axew snapped her jaws shut as the energy took hold, floating to the center of it and shaping it from within into a very crude copy of an Axew.
Disappointed, Punch nevertheless dutifully launched into his next move. He took a step forward, striking a muscle pose and blowing a kiss toward Kibago. A pink heart materialized and floated lazily over, obviously intended to shatter on Kibago. However, the heart only hit the copy, and neither the decoy nor its maker were affected.
Kibago had the next move, and she gave a little smoke as she thought of it. She began to gather energy in the pit of her stomach, feeling something even more disgusting than bile rising up. It hit her throat with a bizarre and none-too-pleasant tingling, accompanied by the bitter taste of something downright poisonous. Hastily she spat out the glob that was rising, sending a disgusting violet spray flying at her foe. Punch barely had time to blink in surprise before the poison hit him. He wiped it off as quickly as he could, but he still felt the toxins seeping into his skin.
He glared at the smug Axew before him, then lifted a hand. From his rounded, stubby fingers sprouted long claws that had been kept hidden as a secret weapon. The claws began to glow with power, turning a tingling blue shade. Gripping his shed skin with his free hand, Punch rushed forward. Kibago watched without expression as the Substitute leaped into Punch’s path. The Scraggy wasted no time with the copy; he simply plunged his claws in, hitting the bundle of grass in the key point. Punch and Kibago jumped back as grass exploded all over the place. Kibago shot a smug glance at Punch, who shivered from poison, and both were anticipating whatever came next.



[Kibago] Axew (F)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Health: 95%
Energy: 82%
Status: Waiting for the real fighting to start.


[Punch] Scraggy (M)
Ability: Shed Skin
Health: 98%
Energy: 80%
Status: He’s having a bit of trouble, but no poison’s going to stop him. (TXC Poison; round 0)


Kibago: (Substitute -5% HP, -9% Energy; Toxic -9% Energy; Dragon Claw -17% HP, Sub absorbed)
Punch: (Attract -8% Energy; Dragon Claw -12% Energy; Toxipoison -2% HP)
Dragon Claw’s Crit Roll was 5, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Toxic’s Accuracy Roll was 71, with 1-90 hitting.
Shed Skin’s Roll was 72, with 1-30 resulting in the Toxipoison wearing off.
Most pointless Crit ever, methinks...
I like writing pointless srsness. :D

Osha-WHAT, your moves, please.
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