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Default Re: Your Black/White Team?

Defeated main storyline, training for second run of Elite Four now.

Samurott - Level 64
Swords Dance
Giga Impact
Aqua Tail
Trust me. That thing demolishes everything in its way.

Kyurem - Level 75
Dragon Pulse
Just caught it, about time to put that dragon to the test!

Zekrom - Level 53
Zen Headbutt
Fusion Bolt
Haven't had this for too long, but it's proving to be a real asset.

Simisear - Level 61
Fury Swipes
Shadow Claw
Flame Charge
I admit this isn't the best Fire-type at all. However, I used it for too long to look back. Flame Charge is doing some damage, too!

Swellow - Level 47
Wing Attack
Double Team
Aerial Ace
I loved Swellow in Hoenn. Just caught today. Wonder how this works out for me.

Leavanny - Level 51
Swords Dance
Leaf Storm
Leaf Blade
Surprising asset.
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