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Default Re: Dragon's Den

Originally Posted by aeoneeveemoon View Post
I wish to bring my old business back. It's all flexible; I really just want it up again~<3
Sorry, Hun. But a no from me. :C
Originally Posted by Tokyokit View Post
Here goes nothin'...
No, again :'/
Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
The Move Tutor
Originally Posted by sammy0295 View Post
This got rejected before, but I still like the idea so I'm going to try again.
Rejected for the same reason it was last time.
Originally Posted by aeoneeveemoon View Post
Well, I found this fossil in the closed threads whilst Pokedoll hunting (NYURGHHH) and since Mount Pyre can't come back, I figure that I can carry on the mantle with this. It's all flexible and if I need to change the description because it's essentially plagiarism I will.
I don't see why not... MAYBE. Idk yet...

@NES2: Concerning ASB Off-Track Betting, I say go, but it seems rather complicated and, quite possibly, unpopular... But I say yes :)
I need a new sig, uhg.
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