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Default Re: Open Battle: Dark Moonlight vs Osha-WHAT

Round 2

Dark Moonlight

[The Defense] Cranidos (Female)
HP: 96
Energy: 82
Status: Bolstered by DM's words.
Moves: AncientPower ~ Earth Power


[Brooke] Eevee (F)
HP: 94
Energy: 86
Status: Pissed. Really pissed. Defense-1, In Gallery.
Moves: Shadow Ball/Toxic/Iron Tail/Double Team ~ Shadow Ball/Toxic/Iron Tail/Double Team

The Defense relaxes slightly, calmed by the soothing reminder of her trainer. Her eyes close, and she reaches deep into her ancestry, millions of years deep, to the power of the oldest and most powerful dinosaurs. Ancient energy of an era long past forms in front of her, forming into an orb of brilliant light. Her eyes pop open, and her arms fly up, sending the energy flying. Brooke stares on wide-eyed as the attack strikes her in the face, sending her flying three rows back.

Undaunted, she stands, her eyes glaring and her lips pulled up in a snarl. She forms a Shadow Ball in front of her face, and lets it loose. The Defense is taken by surprise, not having expected another attack so quickly-honestly she had hoped that that last attack would at least wind Brooke enough to let her talk some sense into the Eevee. The attack nails her directly between the eyes, and though she managed to remain on her feet, it stuns her momentarily, and sends a sharp pain through her brain, echoing in her skull in a way that will undoubtedly end in a headache.

Brooke smirks and draws up another Shadow Ball. The way this is going it will be far too easy. The Defense, however, recovers quickly enough to respond in kind, generating a similar ball of energy colored golden. They fire their attacks simultaneously, and for a brief moment it looks, from a side view, like the two attacks will collide. However, they aren't actually lined up against each other, and instead spin off of each other, striking their targets in the side rather than head on. No serious damage is done, but both are aware that this is far from over.

End of Round

Dark Moonlight

[The Defense] Cranidos (Female)
HP: 84
Energy: 60
Status: Getting a headache.


[Brooke] Eevee (F)
HP: 84
Energy: 62
Status: Smarting from the hits she's taken. Defense-1, In Gallery.

The Defense-Ancientpower (rolled 14, 1 for crit. Dealt 5 damage. Rolled 15, 10 max for raised stats. Energy cost: 9)
Brooke-Shadow ball (Rolled 1, critical hit. Dealt 8 damage. Rolled 82, 20 max for drop. Energy cost: 12)
The Defense-Earth Power (rolled 12, 1 for crit. Dealt 5 damage. Rolled 30, 10 max for drop. Energy cost: 13)
Brooke-Shadow Ball (rolled 8, 1 for crit. Dealt 4 damage. Rolled 69, 20 max for drop effect. Energy cost: 12)
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