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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

Togekiss finished her attack, and waddled backwards a couple yards, not wanting to be hit by the Durant when it came out of its hiding hole. A geyser of flames erupted from the hole, but they didn't cause a lasting effect on the area- the higher they got, the weaker they got, so they dissipated fairly quickly. After the geyser was gone, all was silent in the forest. I thought I heard something, which sounded like a little mouse steadily scratching inside of a wall. It grew louder over time- was it Durant? I looked around, and at least ten yards away, at the base of an enormous evergreen tree, I could see dirt flying up. It wasn't long before I saw the threatening pincers emerging from the earth, followed by the rest of the metallic ant.

Durant didn't look very happy. It was panting, and its steps were labored, as if it was seriously hurt somewhere. Its metallic armor was tarnished in many places, the normally shiny silver was singed black in some places, and in other places, it was dull, like a piece of silverware that had been used for decades. I glanced at its abdomen- this must be where all the pain was coming from. It looked like it had actually melted- and Durant was making quite an effort to keep that part of its body off of the ground. If I needed to hit it somewhere for maximum effect, that would be the place to hit it.

Durant had a fighting spirit though. It hadn't given up yet. It shoved its sharp pincers into the soil in front of it, and two watermelon-sized rocks launched forward like a cannon had shot them, aimed straight at Togekiss, who was still on the ground. The effect wouldn't be as effective- Togekiss was still grounded, but the drop in her speed would not be appreciated. What could I do? I thought back to a battle I had been in awhile ago...

I was in a large arena for a tournament. The area that I was battling on was covered in dirt- in front of me, my panting Togekiss faced a large threatening Salamence. It was enormous- its crimson sickle-shaped wings were probably about the length of Togekiss's entire wingspan. And its blue body was definitely longer than twice Togekiss. I looked at the trainer opposite me, waiting for him to make a move. "Salamence!" he commanded, his voice high and shrill- it surprised me that such a majestic dragon would listen to such an annoying voice. "Use Rock Tomb, we don't want Togekiss Baton Passing to anything!" it cried. Salamence acknowledged those orders, and stamped on the ground. Two enormous rocks were lifted out of the ground, and were thrown straight at Togekiss.

My mind worked quickly to find a solution. "Togekiss, use Extremespeed to get out of the way, but generate a Thunder Wave while you're doing so- and instead of shooting it at Salamence, slam into Togekiss with it!" I ordered quickly, realizing that time was of the essence here. Togekiss wasted no time obeying my orders. She vibrated quickly, blue sparks flying up around her. The rocks loomed closer, and when they were about a foot away, and her body just appeared to be a white blur with sparks flying off of it, the dove shot off around the rocks. Once she was past them, Togekiss made a sharp ninety-degree turn, and aimed herself straight at Salamence. Salamence saw her, but with a body that large, it couldn't do anything in time. Togekiss slammed into its side, and all the electricity that had been sparking all around her transferred into Salamence. The sparks crackled all around its body, and by its labored breathing, I could tell that it had been paralyzed.

As I snapped back to the present, I realized what I needed to do. "Togekiss, use the Extremespeed-Thunder Wave combo that we used against Marth, and try and aim for Durant's backside!" I ordered. Togekiss smiled, and much like in my flashback, began to vibrate very quickly, generating sparks while she did so. Meanwhile the rocks loomed closer- I hoped that she would be able to execute her attack quickly enough.

OOC: yay flashbacks
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