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Originally Posted by Kaioo View Post
The war in Iraq was a real war, now don't say it's not. The US dragged the UK into it because Bush didn't like Saddam. I know several soldiers who fought in Iraq and also I know several that died because of Bush dragging us into it. Only one of my friends that died in Iraq was killed by the hostiles, the rest were killed by American friendly fire.

The war in Afghanistan is also a real war, and it's a war which the US CANNOT win. How long have you guys been trying to find Osama, and he's hiding in a cave!!
You're right, they were real wars. We won both of them, easily, when we toppled their governments. Wars are only ever fought with governments. We're occupying Afghanistan, which isn't something you can actually lose at. The media only continued to refer to them as wars because that's far more sensational a term to use.

Oh, and Afghanistan hasn't been about Osama for years, since we know he's not in Afghanistan but Pakistan, lead by a non-oppressive democratic government that we happen to like, and therefore will not be destroying. Afghanistan is about maintaining the peace until the government stabilizes well enough to leave without fear of Al Qaeda or the Taliban or some other psychotic extremists taking over.

Political or not, the US couldn't beat Vietnam.
Aerial missile strikes, napalm, agent orange, or waiting until a few particularly dry weeks and tossing a match. Vietnam is defeated. We could have easily beaten them. It was our morals, not any kind of superior military skill, that defeated us.

Oh, and saying that China would lose is STUPID. China have a MUCH larger military force than the US. If we took into account all the countries that would support China, and all the countries that would support the US, the US would lose.

The UK would be the most likely to support the US, but against countries such as Russia,China and so on the UK wouldn't really get involved...
Russia wouldn't side with China. For one thing they're no longer communist, for another they would recognize that an invasion of the United States, considering our surface to air defense systems and powerful military force, would be stupidity (for that matter, so would China), and for another, if China is invading the United States then that means they're most likely the instigators, and would therefore be completely curbstomped by the rest of the world for trying to start World War 3.

And please, pay attention to the full thread. Numbers are only important in the grand scheme of things if you're better than your opponent and are in a strategic position to use them. As we've pointed out several times, the United States military is of the highest calibre of military, and as Lus has pointed out an invasion of the United States would most certainly not lend itself to a situation where superior numbers can be used effectively.
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