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Default Ref Wages (22/3 - 4/4)

Wages for everyone. Due to that HILARIOUS prank that was pulled, this became somewhat difficult to work out between logs randomly jumping between each forum, but I think I got everything. IM me if you think something needs changing and I'll confirm/tell you to... 'go away'... if you're wrong.
Also, this is the first wages period I havent reffed! Inactivity ftw!

Also also, Stinky would like me to remind you all about the new reffing log system and, just incase your a total Slowpoke, the not-so-new payment system.
Personally, I find that the new log system is a pain to check... so I bet you'll all start using it. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS.

Bumblebee: $67,500
Not sure how Kaiser managed to restart your log on a salary of $9,500
Eeveedude: $63,000
Gmandiddy: $55,500
Neonsands: $51,500
Buzzer: $39,500
Pidge: $38,000
Synthesis: $31,500
Smorgasbord: $31,000
ChainReaction: $22,000
Mubz: $19,500
WeTastePies: $17,500
Ash K: $14,500
FlammenWarfare: $11,000
Don't listen to what that noob Chainy says your salary is, he carried it on from last pay period
Derian: $10,500
DrStubbsberg: $8,000
Stinky: $8,000
Fierce Deity: $5,000
Team Evolution: $5,000
Nyurgh: $4,500
TheEvilDookie: $4,500
Speed-X: $2,000
Husnain: $1,500
Jack of Clovers: $500
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