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Default Re: [IA] In a Cellar somewhere...

Perhaps you could try calling for help. Yeah, you haven't tried that for a while. It could work!

"Help!" you shout. "Is anybody there?! I need.someone to get me out of here!" you plead with the silence. Your pleas are ignored and the silence is overwhelming. Enraged and desperate, you snatch the rusty saw up and bring it close to your neck, whimpering at the thought. Good thing you're a fighter and you notice the overturned milk jug just out of your reach. You slide the rusty saw forward, and watch nervously as it catches the jug's handle.

"Yes!" you shout with relief as you hook the jug up and drag it closer. You pick it up and you just can't believe your eyes! There is writing on the inside. But, what does it say? You squint at the jug but can only make out one word, 'Mannah'.

"Mannah," you say under your breath. There is something about this word that hits a nerve and within seconds you are repeating that word over and over again at the top of your lungs. Suddenly, you stop as you hear the bolted door hole slide open. A bottle of clear liquid falls through the hole and rolls towards you. It's soon within your grasp and you snatch it up. So thirsty. Must drink.

Unless... unless this is a trap. Why would they give you the bottle and not set you free!? What on earth was going on? Maybe you should just wait for someone to rescue you...
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