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Default Re: Negima Chronicles (PG13)

Negi leaned back, watching over Evangeline. He never realized that Evangeline could be so peaceful. She looked cute, which was strange, considering she was a vampire. Negi thought that, and quickly shook it off, "No, I am her teacher, and she is my student. I cannot afford to have a crush on her."

He slumped back into the wooden chair that was pulled up towards the bedside. Evangeline lay on her back now, her expression was of serenity and made Negi calm as well. But, suddenly, in a loud shriek, she yelled, "No! Thousand Master!"

Negi's once cheerful eyes now snapped into a look of shock. He lurched forward in his seat, looking at Evangeline, "My father!" He placed his hand on her forehead, "Forgive me Evangeline, but I may learn something about my father!" he said, mostly to assure himself.

In a flash of light and swirling colors, something that would get Asuna or Seth to make a Doctor Who reference, he found himself right behind Evangeline. She was a smaller girl, even smaller than she was now, and she seemed to be running with a really small puppet, eerily similar to Chachamaru. Behind the obviously frightened and desperate Evangeline, peasants could be heard yelling all sorts of nasty things towards her.

"Get the monster!"

"She will kill us all!"

"Chase her down!"

Upon hearing this, he instantly felt a surge of pity for his nemesis. She ran through a dark, gloomy forest, panting in fear and exhaustion. She ran and ran, than fell and fell. The forest lead of a cliff, and Evangeline did not see it coming due to her fearful flight. She yelled out in desperation, skirt being pushed up by the velocity of the plummet. But then, a hand grasped hers before she could fall completely off the upper ledge. A hand that welcomed hers, understanding her situation.

"Gotchya!" he said. The man who caught her wore a grey monk's hood, a cross that looked as if it were printed out of thumb prints was tied around his neck like a scapular, he clung on to her, as he slid down the side of the mountain. When they gently landed on the bottom of the fall, he laid her down on her feet. She, Evangeline, looked surprised that someone would even put forth the effort to save her.

"There we have it!" the young savior said cheerfully. He glanced back up into the evening sky, listening to the puzzlement of the peasants above them.

"Where'd she go?" shouted one of them.

Once the pursuers had left, the man pulled his hood back to reveal a kind face. Brown hair flowed down to the bottom of his ears. He offered Evangeline protections and companionship until she had recovered.

Negi watched as his father. Evangeline followed him around for as long as he let her. After he had finally said they needed to part their ways, he left, unaware that he would be followed by her. Time began to speed up. The colors of trees, leaves, flowers, they all began to blur. They became streaks and beams of light, some occasionally bending.

Negi then found himself in between a tall blonde-haired girl in a beautiful red dress. She stood with the same doll Evangeline stood by. Chachamaru. This woman must be Evangeline. He turned to see his father as well, who had a grim look on his face.

"I know what you have done now."

"No, don't. I have changed," she said.

"I am sorry. I am not like you. This could not work," he replied.

Evangeline looked angered and troubled. She showed affection towards his father. Negi had never seen what Evangeline looked like when showing respect and love for another person. Negi than remembered that Evangeline knew that was Negi's weakness. He cared far too much for his companions, so much that he would take their troubling load too, and insist on doing it all himself while trying to play it off cheerfully. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Since Negi was naturally cheerful, it made it hard to spot to the untrained eye.

Negi watched as Evangeline charged towards Negi's father. They were on a beach, pink evening sky glistening off the blue water while it splashed onto the surprisingly soft sand. The sand crunched as every one of Evangeline's steps came closer in her dash. "I will get you, Thousand Master!"

"Ha. I am hardly the master of a thousand spells. Maybe five or six," he laughed cheekily. Evangeline leaped in front of him, causing him to take a step back. As he took a step back, however, Evangeline learned that the ground was not so stable. A pitfall opened, and she fell to the bottom.

"No!" she shouted.

"Now, you be a good little girl," he said as he started to drop garlic and leeks in the hole. As these items fell, she found herself shrinking. As she shrank, a tight feeling slowly encompassed her body. Her dress turned from the beautiful scarlet-colored fabric to the small little girl's dress found commonly around the world.

"How could you! Why!?" she shouted, starting to cry.

Time fast-forwarded again. When the transition ended, Negi focused on two forms, and Evangeline. One looked like his father, and the other looked like the dean of the school. They both spoke about keeping Evangeline there until she learned her lesson. Then, after Negi's father noticed tears coming from her eyes, he bent down and embraced her with a hug. "I will come back for you once you learn to be a good person," he said. For the first time during the dream, he saw Evangeline smile with pure happiness, and not out of arrogance.

After seeing that sign of love, everything went dark. It was a slow fade into the darkness, and soon Negi opened his eyes to find his head lying on Evangeline's chest. She was covered up in her bed, and she was staring at him like he was an alien. But when she saw his face, her face surprisingly softened.

"Did you? Did you nurture me back to health?" she asked, surprised and shocked to find Negi in her room.

"I did as much as I could, Eva," said Negi gladly, happy to see Evangeline in better spirits.

"This doesn't mean we still aren't enemies," she said pretentiously, crossing her arms and looking up in the air in the opposite direction. Yep, everything was back to normal. A few minutes later, Chachamaru came back to the house and administered the medicine. It made Evangeline drowsy, so she went back to bed quickly after. Chachamaru thanked him for taking care of her while she was out, and shortly after, Negi left the house.

A day later, Negi entered the classroom with his teaching supplies and observed the classroom. All the girls were playing and talking, as normal. Seth was seated in the back, talking with a few students, Asuna greeting him with the many girls who still adored him, and Evangeline sitting next to Chachamaru. It looked like his care for Evangeline got her to at least trust him a little. Every time Negi looked upon her though, he not only still got the eerie chill of fear, but he also had a different feeling. One of slight pity, but whenever he looked her in the eyes, he heard his father's promise, "I will come back for you..."

Negi sat down, waiting for the first bell to ring. Asuna soon bent over and snapped him out of it. She asked him what was the matter, but Negi told her to wait until after class.

So after class ended, it always seemed to pass by too fast, he stood outside with Asuna, quickly dodging Seth. They both looked behind, noticing Seth trying to catch up with him, but they sped up and cut corners. Seth saw that they left in a hurry and slowed down. He scratched his head in puzzlement, shrugged, and left. He went back to his room, something irked him about that card and he needed to find out about it.

After both Asuna and Negi found themselves alone, Negi explained to her about how he helped Evangeline.

"Hello big brother!" greeted Albert as he plopped onto Negi's shoulder.

Asuna looked at Como for a moment, looking as if she had to recall the fact that this ermine was apparently magical, "Well, just because you helped her doesn't mean you changed her!"

"I think I left a lasting impression."

But as Negi said that, they both looked to the side. They were standing on a dirt road and across from their position stood Evangeline and Chachamaru staring at them and whispering. Evangeline let out a dark snicker, and they both fled the scene as if they had committed a hideous crime. Negi and Asuna's eyes followed the two.

"Hay, Negi! They're splitting up!" yelled Como, "The only reason Evangeline actually beats you is because she has that weird robot chick backing you up! Divide and conquer man, that is all I'm sayin'."

Negi looked at the ermine that was perched on his shoulder. The small animal had lit a cigarette and was smoking it, occasionally letting a small ball of smoke billow from his mouth. After several puffs and an awkward silence, Asuna slapped the cigarette out of the small ermine's paw.

"No smoking!" she yelled angrily. Those same two words must have been said at least a thousand times a day by Asuna because she had enough of the ermine's chain smoking, "Now, Negi. The only way you can beat Eva is if you beat Chachamaru."

Como, still staring glumly at the 'perfectly good cigarette' laying at the ground, quickly added on to that statement, "And you also need to find a partner to assist you in defeating Chachamaru. Asuna, I think you should become Negi's temporary partner!"

"What!?" exclaimed Asuna.

"Come on, he needs your help and you are constantly asking for him to let you help! Now help him!"

"Negi?" asked Asuna, blushing slightly.

"Well," said Negi nervously. Negi had never really been in an awkward situation like this before. Plenty of times in the past he had been with a girl that was naked or was pretty close to being so, and the only thing Negi could think about for a moment was the bathing room incident, but this was different because Asuna was his friend. It was more awkward than normal. Both Negi and Asuna blushed as Como dashed around making the appropriate symbol in the ground to initiate the partnership ritual.

Asuna moved towards Negi and bent down. Como's heart stopped beating for what seemed to be an eternity. He would finally see some lip-on-lip action. Como could almost hear romantic music playing, romantic music that was suddenly stopped by a record scratch. Asuna kissed Negi on the forehead, and while it still counted as a partnership ritual, Como was deeply disappointed.

"What the hell kind of half-assed crap was that!?" he yelled as if he was completely offended. Como's criticism was answered by a swift slap by Asuna.

"What kinda sick thing are you?"

"The type that is lovable!" he said overly confident, getting ready to pop out another cigarette. That action, however, was interrupted upon noticing Asuna's angry stare.

"Okay, okay, okay toots. Now, just to point something out, you can use your power without the wizard actually being there if you are a permanent partner, but you are not. You cannot use your power unless the temporary pact has been activated. The pact is only good for one use, then you have to either give up on him or make it permanent!" he explained. Asuna, however, was already walking to tail Chachamaru.


Seth's hands glided all over the keyboard while he searched for the meaning of the card. He learned by looking up Latin word roots that the word "libellus" literally translated to "level" or "skill", so he determined that it was a set experience system. "Optimum" in Latin obviously meant "Optimal" in English, and he knew that. However, the word Libritor was harder.

Hours of searching earned him with the meaning, "Gunman or Rifleman". So, the card was Optimal Gunner, level one. So, what did the card mean though? Why was he not allowed to mess around with it? Was it some sort of government information device, or was it simply a card? He looked up facts about similar cards. None of them really said much, they all said the same things, "Used in magic spells and battles", which Seth knew was ridiculous.

"Magic! Ha! Not real," but as he said that, he slowly started to question his former belief. This is what Seth hated about new ideas. They always implanted a seed of doubt, and despite the hostile environment, that seed always blossomed into a nice and healthy plant.


So, Negi and Asuna followed Chachamaru. To their surprise, however, she was like a local hero. She helped a child get her cat out of the tree, then she helped an old lady get across the street. She saved a small boy that was drowning in a river and picked up a stray kitten from an alley.

They both followed, the new found heroine, Chachamaru, who still carried the kitten from the alley to a large dirt field. Como hopped up on Asuna's shoulder, "See! This is where she is gonna eat it," he said. This almost comical statement drew Negi's attention to the ermine.

Asuna also turned her head to acknowledge the little nuisance, "She is a robot, she can't eat."

Como looked into Asuna's eyes, and then shook his head as if to say, "Oh, yeah..." Como then turned from Asuna's eyes to Negi, "Big brother, now is the time to strike!"

"I'm not sure..." mumbled Negi. Upon seeing Chachamaru perform all these acts of kindness, he could not believe she was evil. However, despite his beliefs, Como's encouragement nearly forced his will to run out and simply attack Chachamaru. Despite this though, he walked out like a gentleman from hiding and stood there with his large staff. "Chachamaru! I challenge you to a battle."

"Professor Springfield," she said to acknowledge him kindly. Asuna leaped out behind Negi now, and Chachamaru's gaze shifted to her as well. Chachamaru stated in her flat tone, "And Asuna."

Chachamaru seemed to already have been ready for combat, so Negi activated the partnership. Asuna was now in a battle stance, still in her school uniform. She stood straight up, legs apart and fists clenched. Chachamaru looked down at the kittens, which curious unto which was going on. A small flash of light blazed around her clothes, and what appeared to be liquid energy swirled around her. The swirling energy slowly disappeared, leaving her in the same physical appearance, but something was different.

"If we must fight," said Chachamaru, still speaking in a flat tone. She lunged at Asuna, who quickly dodged the incoming punch and let out a back kick.

"I feel a lot stronger!" exclaimed Asuna, surprised at her power.

"Yeah, that is what the partnership does. This temporary partnership gives you only general power though. If you ever get a permanent partnership, you will get a specific power according to whatever the card turns you into!" shouted Como as he sat on the sidelines, throwing mock punches, trying to look useful. Como looked again to see Chachamaru getting up from a powerful punch from Asuna, "Big brother! Finish her now!"

Negi looked troubled. He summoned the spell, but he could not muster the courage to feel any hatred. As the spell built up power which surged through his, he saw something he never really noticed before. He saw a glimmer of life in Chachamaru's eyes. Those very eyes were looking down at the small little kittens that were hiding from the combat. Negi tried to stop the spell, but it fired. As the energy burst out, he heard the last thing that changed his mind about the entire situation.

"If I shall die, please take care of the kittens!" Chachamaru shouted! Immediately the energy was diverted, making a heated tearing sound as it shot through the air. The energy shot like an arrow back towards its caster. Negi yelled out in pain as he was struck by his own attack.

Chachamaru's eyes glistened in the explosion. The eyes shimmered with what Negi almost thought was a tear, and there she went. She left, running with all her speed. She was not a lifeless robot after all.

"What was that big brother! You let her get away!" he yelled.

Asuna came over with fiery eyes, "What are you stupid!? You could have gotten killed!" As Asuna said this, she felt the energy seem to slip from her and she fell to her knees, landing right next to the injured Negi. After a minute of looking angrily at the wizard, who refused to show his face, she grabbed his hands and pulled him up. Despite the help, Negi still hid his face from both of his companions.

When they entered the dorm alone, for Konoka was not there, Asuna learned why he was hiding his face. He was weeping. Como's criticism did not aid the matter either.

"You could have leveled the playing field!" he scolded, "But now you will never win!"

Asuna was about to comfort the Negi when he turned to her and Como, "Shut up, the both of you! I will not harm her! You did not notice it, but I did! She has a heart, and I will not destroy one of the few remaining truly good hearts in the world!" he shouted.

Asuna could not believe these words. "Negi, calm down-" she was cut off. Negi leaped out the window, landing on his staff and flying away towards a small island in the distance. Asuna cried out, trying to stop him, but he was too tired and upset to listen to reason.

"You idiot, now look what you did!" shouted Asuna. Como looked as worried as she did. They both stood near the window, only wondering where the little wizard was off to.

In the sky, which was approaching night, there flew a young and troubled sorcerer. And, for the first time since his arrival, he thought of the possibility of running away from it all and leaving Asuna. As he flew though, he slowly began to realize how he was overreacting, but as he realized this, he also became aware of how exhausted and tired he was. Losing control of his staff, he fell, over the small channel of glistening water, onto an island. The island was not too far off from a small strip of land jutting out. It was covered in trees and a small mountain in the center.

Negi fell into those trees, completely oblivious to the crash landing that awaited him.
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