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Default Re: [WAR X] Discussion

Can a team enter into the WAR late? I think it'd just get annoying for people having to keep track of any new teams that pop up, but meh. Maybe for the first week?

Does a team need to have a minimum number of members to join? 3 sounds good.

Can team members switch teams during the WAR? Same as the first answer, so again, maybe only for the first week?

Should teams be able to merge during the War? "Okay, guys, we're in 2nd place. Let's all bug the leader of the 1st place team to merge with us." No.

Should judges be given points for judging? Yeah, although it should be done on a piecework basis (look at me with all my business terms x]). As in, they judge a round, they get "wages" for that round. They muck up a round, or get it late, or w/e, they get nada for that round. So, to use Neo's example, Sam does fine on 1, 2 and 4 and messes up 3. He gets paid for 1, 2 and 4, he gets nothing for 3.

What to do about judges that go inactive? I like the back-up judge idea. I think, though, if it was just a one-time thing that they missed, and they come back the day after, they should be allowed it back (with no pay for the round they missed, of course), but if it happens again, they're kicked out of their position for good (although any points for rounds they did judge well stay with them, in the sake of fairness).

How long should the WAR be? Initially, I thought 4 weeks, but after seeing a couple more of the posts, 5-6 does sound good.

Who makes the WAR RP storyline? Don't really care about WAR RP, never do it, but the suggestion and implementation thing sounds good.

What should go into the judge application? - NOT "What the categories will be if I'm judge", as that could give people the chance to plan ahead, which ruins the whole "Do it in a week" thing. But, 'Experience in Field' should definitely.
And then, this is just a thought, maybe have polls to decide the judges in the case of multiple entries?
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