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Default Jessica Smith

Name: Jessica Smith
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Intended Class: Ranger - Signer - Special Operations Member

Back story: Jessica likes to think she had a normal childhood, but in truth she didn't. She didn't have a good relationship with her mother, and was verbally abused by her. She had turned to her dad for comfort, but he was away a lot due to being a member of the police force. Because of this, she ended up becoming a little bipolar. She tends to become aggravated easily and snap at smallest things. But those episodes quickly disappear and she becomes herself once more.

She normally is a caring young woman, but she is silent most of the time around those she doesn't know. She's fun-loving and carefree around those she has strong friendships with. However, if it is needed she will become the "leader" of the group and keep order with those around her. She prefers to work with a group that knows what they are doing or can take orders well. Everyone needs to know what they need to do and when to do it.

She was influenced by her father a lot, how when he walked into a room everyone respected and listened to him with just his presence alone. She wants to be like that and be someone her father can be proud of. Jess was thinking of become a policewoman, but instead decided to take it to the next level and her goal is to become a Special Operations Ranger. She would be able to do things her father would never be able to do.

However, her mood swings have become more frequent. She snaps a lot more and has a tendency to become violent when her mood changes. Some think that she might have another personality all together but that is false. She remembers what happens when she becomes irritated and on the rare occasions violent. She hopes that training to become a Ranger will help her better control her mood swings and focus her energy on protecting both people and Pokémon.

Plans: Jess wishes to meet and befriend Raikou and Kyurem as well as to become a member of the Special Ops to become active in law enforcement.

Starter Pokémon: Houndour

Pokémon Wishlist: Charmander(♂)*, Ekans(♂)*, Nidoran(♀)*, Vulpix(♂/♀)*, Meowth(♀), Growlithe(♀)* Eevee(♂)(to become Jolteon), Cyndaquil(♂), Totodile(♂), Eevee(♀)*(to become Umbreon), Snubbull(♂), Larvitar(♂), Treeko(♂), Poochyena(♂), Electrike(♂), Zangoose(♂), Seviper(♂)*, Absol(♀), Buizel(♂)*, Misdreavus(♀), Gible(♂), Riolu(♂), Sneasel(♂), Oshawott(♂)*, Purrloin(♀)*, Blitzle(♂), Archen(♀), Zorua(♂)*, Mienfoo(♀)

* = would like to be shiny


Level: 0
EXP: 0

Ability Scores

HP: 48
Strength: 9
Constitution: 12 (-2)
Dexterity: 13 (+1)(+1)(+1)
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 13 (+1)

Ranger modifiers
Signer modifiers
Special Ops modifiers




Money: $3000

Theme Song: Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len APPEND - Karakuri 卍 Burst

(Please contact me through PM if anything needs to be edited.)
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