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Default Re: The little things that just make your day.

Crippler: OH DEAR GOD...that's hilarious. xDD; That video. Probably wouldn't be nearly as funny without his commentary, though.

I also lol'ed at the three following comments...silly geese.

Yeah, those little thing's such as Jessu's situation brighten my day up, also...of course. ^^;

*Anyways, one thing that always brightens my day is when waiters/waitresses at restaurants are so kind and actually sincere. I guess I just love striking up conversations with them. Same goes with basically anyone working at a counter. xD;

*Complimenting total strangers, such as their outfit or something, or helping them out--y'know, just random acts of kindness--always make me feel great. ^^;

*And yes, I'll open my eyes at about 7 in the morning tomorrow just to realize that I can sleep in. That and that I'm going to the zoo tomorrow...again.

*Just listening / finding / hearing an amazing song / musica piece, remaster, etc. Always brightens up my mood.

As for now...I can't recall much else at this very moment. :<
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