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Default Re: Closed Battle: Nyurgh vs. SilverSlasher (3m0d0ll - Ref)

3m0d0ll wrote this, yo.
Round 5


[Duster] Rufflet
HP: 50%
Energy: 31%
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Crush Claw~Crush Claw
Airborne; Att +1; Acc +1; SpDef -1


[Batty] Woobat
HP: 52%
Energy: 24%
Ability: Unaware
Moves: Air Slash~Air Slash
Airborne; SpAtt +2; SpDef +2; Def -2

Batty, flustered and ready to get this battle over with, went in for the kill with another Air Slash. She couldn't, and refused to, loose to Duster. She swiveled on her 'axis', collecting and compressing the air around her, shaping it into a sphere in front of her nose. A patch of sweat darkened the fur on her forehead. How much more of this could she take before she simply collapsed? Duster prepared himself for what was coming but he was still taken aback as the basketball-sized orb slammed into him. With a loud thud, he slammed into the ground, squawking in pain.

Duster patted the dirt from his freshly preened feathers. His talons ached, knowing that the end had to be near by now. This battle had gone on long enough and it was time to end things. Using a move he'd grown accustomed to attacking with, Duster lifted himself into the air using his powerful wings, he thrust his torso in the air, bringing it just above his sunken haunches. His claws glowed as Duster made a—OH SNAP HIATUS BY ASKING ALEXANDRIA IS NOW PLAYING ON MY IPOD *raves*—flex face as they raked across Batty, who squealed as she, too, hit the ground with a sickening crunch.

Feeling self-conscious thanks to that last attack, you'd think Batty would raise he guard, but all she could do was be a rag doll; her muscles were limp and she could barley move, making for a much easier target. With hardly enough strength to use the attack, Batty prepared another Air Slash, aimed right at Duster's smug, little-fat head. Batty winced as she fired the attack. Both Pokemon were suffering by the end of that action, Batty having the worst end of the stick. She was still unable to lift herself from the awkward crouch she was in. She eventually just gave in and excepted her fate – this would soon be over for them both.

Taking full advantage of Batty's vulnerability, Duster flew up into the air, deep into the sun, and soared down. All in a split second. Slashing his blue claws against the pitiful bat, who whimpered, Duster also felt sweat dewing at the base of his wings and behind his neck. Duster fought the impulse to collapse along side Batty and flew back to his 'spot' in front of his trainer. He didn't like feeling this week; this battle needed to end. And fast.

Round Over


[Duster] Rufflet
HP: 34%
Energy: 11%
Ability: Sheer Force
Airborne; Att +1; Acc +1; SpDef -1


[Batty] Woobat
HP: 35%
Energy: 4%
Ability: Unaware
SpAtt +2; SpDef +2; Def -4

Batty's Speed (72) > Duster's Speed (60)
Batty: Health [Crush Claw, -8%/9%] Energy [Air Slash, -10%]
Duster: Health [Air Slash, -8%] Energy [Crush Claw, -10%]
Air Slash: Acc [19, 34/1-95] Flinch [94, 53/1-30]
Crush Claw: Lowers Def [9, 5/1-50]
Batty's Unaware makes Duster's Stat changes irrelevant.

~ Nyurgh, your moves, please.
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