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Default Re: Crappy Reffing

No Items
No Sleep Moves
No Perish Song
No Evasion
No Encore
Intimidate Negated
No Redirection
No Imprison
First 5 turns are anti-taunt. This means that you can use any self affecting move (Sub, Dragon Dance, Aqua Ring, etc). After that, the ffa becomes auto taunt but also includes other moves such as Will-o-Wisp or Toxic or any move that will damage the target in some way or indefinitely. Moves that cause confusion do not count.


It knows all
Maverick Kaiser (Lucario) in 17th, gets 1000
Ebail (Kingdra) in 16th, gets 1000
Alaskapidgeon (Dragonite) in 15th, gets 1000
Eeveedude (Gallade) in 14th, gets 1500
Rohypnol (Espeon) in 13th, gets 2000
MuddyMudkip (Heracross) in 12th, gets 2500
Team Evolution (Togekiss) in 11th, gets 3000
ChainReaction (Bisharp) in 10th, gets 3500
Volcanflame (Metagross C) in 9th, gets 4000
Pman (Metagross A) in 8th, gets 4500
Pidge (Wobbuffett) in 7th, gets 5000
Fierce Deity (Starmie) in 6th, gets 5500
Husnain (Venusaur) in 5th, gets 6000
Ash K (Aggron) in 4th, gets 6500
PokeViper (Gardevoir) in 3rd, gets 7000
BulbaTurtwig (Shuckle) in 2nd, gets 7500
Xpedential (Metagross B) in 1st, gets 8000
I get 8500 for reffing.
Salary: $18,000

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