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Default Re: Negima Chronicles (PG13) *New chapter up*

Negi awoke in a tent, a small circular shape of light shining down on him. It reminded him of an old church built by Constantine that his sister told him about. Constantine built many churches, becoming a sudden believer in the faith of Christianity. Historical experts always disagreed on whether or not it was simply a political plight or if he truly believed in God. Whatever the reason, one cannot deny the beauty of the structures. The church Negi's sister told him about had a large opening in the heavenly ceiling, simulating the watchful eye of God.

Negi knew that it was not, and that it was simply the sun shining through the roof of the towering temple, but despite this knowledge, it still supplied him with a sense of comfort. This serenity was probably supplied by the very fact that it reminded him of his sister. His sister was a blonde-haired tall girl, similar in looks to Asuna. She was very sweet, and believed in Negi. She never asked anything of him, and when he was told to go to Japan to teach an all-girl school, she reluctantly encouraged him to go.

Negi felt a tear welding in his eye. He insisted to lie to himself and play it off on the sun shining on him, but it was because he missed his Welsh sister. No matter, he arose, slowly out of the bed, feeling a vague sense of pain. His clothes were a little ripped, having taken a fall from dizzying heights. He looked around in his small sleeping sack, somebody must have placed him inside the small orange oval tent. He looked at the entrance, a small one that someone would crawl through. So, after observing that you had to climb through it, he put his hands on the stone, small pieces of grass ascending from the rock. When he exited, he saw where he was.

The ground around him was brown stone, a small area which was attached to the side of a mountain. The mountain was in the center of the island he had crashed on, which was maybe a mile or two from Library Island. Around the area was a wall of the beautiful forest, grass patches poking through near the edges. A small stream flowed through the rock-bedded area. Up the stream, he could hear splashing, then the wiggling of something that sounded like rubber. He approached sound cautiously, for he was not able to find his staff.

Upon laying eyes on the source of the noise, he greeted her quite kindly, "Kaede! Hello!"

"Hello Professor Springfield!" she said, smiling and wide smile. She was placing a freshly caught fish in a small white bucket that contained several more and some fresh water.

"What are you doing here?"

Kaede looked down at a fish, it flopping around in the water. She watched it for a minute, Negi prepared for her next kill, but she smiled again and let the little fish swim away in a hurry, "I always come here during my free time," she answered.

"Oh, what do you do?"

"Living in nature allows me to be able to relax, as well as build up physical stamina," she answered. Her smile was always pleasant as she talked, her eyes were also always happy. She was very athletic, and apart of the athletic team.


"I found you laying in the woods, did you run all the way here?" she asked. Negi, to cover his identity, simply nodded and looked pitiful. It hurt him for the fact that he had to lie to even the nicest of students, but it was necessary.


Asuna was leaning on the edge of the balcony of her room. The balcony was not large at all, maybe a small inch or two away from the actual walkway to it. Just enough to stand out in the open with the door closed. The sliding glass door to the balcony was not closed however, as Como and Seth sat on the couch behind her, indoors. Seth was unaware the ermine could speak, so the ermine withheld his comments and kept his voice silent. Como watched Seth play a video game.

In the video game, he was controlling a soldier, a first-person shooter. He had a G11 assault rifle, which was a short burst weapon. He was playing with other players on the game. Some players piloted tanks and aircraft, others sniped from behind. A soldier class called an 'engineer' was able to maneuver amongst Seth's team and place explosives to blow holes open in key areas of the buildings. Sometimes, a building in the city they were invading would collapse, yelling of other player's soldiers could be heard inside the buildings.

Como quickly lost interest, for watching someone play video games was not nearly as fun as playing them. So, he watched Asuna wait for Negi. Como feared that Negi might not come back, and he might have ran back to Wales. Asuna, however thought not. Seth was told that Negi ran away, from stress, not telling him what the stress was coming from. So, when he heard Asuna, yet again fretting about Negi's possible health, he asked, "Why are you so worried about him, I thought you hated him."

"I am not worried because of him," she said scornfully, but deep down she knew it was, and no matter how much she played off her care for him, she did, "I am worried because it might... er... affect my grades," she paused for a second, scanning her words for any mistake and then confirmed her statement with a loud, "Yes!"

Seth shrugged, looking back to the television screen to see a score screen and his dead player. He noted some scores from other players in the game and looked back at Asuna, "Sure."

Asuna was confident that she was tricking the other students, but she failed to trick herself. She did care for Negi, more than she did when she first met him and that is for sure. She left her spot on the balcony walked over and unplugged the gaming console he was on. "Let's watch something, I am tired of hearing nothing but gunfire and people yelling out as they are dying."

"Okay, the game is getting boring anyway."

As they watched the television show, Asuna found herself looking out of the open balcony every commercial break, hoping to see Negi landing at the school grounds.


Negi stood with Kaede on the rocky sides of the small stream. She talked with Negi, mostly about random things. She then made a sudden move and snatched another fish straight from the water. The accuracy of the theft was quite astonishing, and Negi gawked in amazement for a second. His stare changed to a look of slight embarrassment as Kaeda offered to help him learn how to catch the fish as such. Negi shook is head as she offered, "I can teach you."

"No, I would not like to impose any further on your camping trip," he replied like a gentleman.

"You have not imposed one bit!" she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the stream bank, "Go on, try it."

Negi took one step back, only to step into Kaeda. He playfully thought, 'Kidnap, this is what this is.' Despite this playful thought, he then bent down and stared at one of the lazily swimming fish. He stared it in the eyes, and with its dark beady eyes, it peered blankly back. Negi contemplated his movement, calibrating the distortion of vision caused by the glistening water. He waited a moment longer to make sure if the fish would stay in one place, and took a small leap forwards. His hands cut through the water and Negi thought for sure he was victorious. However, as he fell into the water, he realized his leap was fruitless and that he was now seated in the water, soaking wet. Kaede and Negi both burst out laughing.

"Well, it is alright. You will get the hand of it by working on it. Now, follow me," she said as she motioned him. She slid on a bag and went out into the forest. They both spent their time wandering through the beautiful island. Negi never realized how beautiful Japan truly was. Sure, he had seen postcards showing the vibrant blue skies and pink fluttering cherry blossom trees on Mount Fuji, but since they were miles away from that sort of sight, he never expected to see anything as beautiful.

He had to admit that Japan was far more beautiful than Wales during the Spring and Summer. While he was partial to his homeland, mostly because his sister and old friend were still there, he now viewed Japan as a second home. This trip was like a therapy. He now felt rejuvenated, confident, and felt at home. At last he was rational again, and the peace of nature allowed him time to think about his past actions and his future actions.

Negi fixed his glasses that night, sitting on a log near the nice little fire with a pot attached to a metal rod which was supported by to wooden sticks poking from the ground. The fire embraced Negi, and as he sat there, the smell of the cooking fish was almost a spell. Negi took a deep sniff and smiled from the pleasant fragrance. Kaede noticed as she took care of the fish, "It will be done in a few minutes, Negi. I hope you'll like it."

Negi was confident he would. He took off his shoes and socks and sat barefoot on the log. He looked behind him to see the small stream glistening in the moonlight. He was happy now, the full moon had passed, and is foe Evangeline would ot have to bother him for another year, that or she would have to break his father's old spell which bound her to this place. Evangeline could not leave the school grounds, keeping her from really meeting other people, but it also allowed her to have a large aura around the school, so she could detect if anything that could be a possible threat to her or Chachamaru. It was interesting, and maybe Evangeline, if changed to the "good" side of spell-casting, could teach him a few things about magic.

Negi scratched his head, and decided that he would go back to home the next day. So, he curled his legs together so they were criss-crossed and leaned back a little. Kaeda had finished the delectable smelling fish, and served it to him. Negi had a big day, he had run away from an angry bear, climbed half a mountain, fished, and fallen off of his staff... his staff! Negi excused himself, just for a minute. Kaede figured it was a potty break, and so he wandered out of view. He looked to see if Kaeda spotted him, which she did not. He then crossed his hands together as if he were praying and and muttered the magical spell, "Educ baculum retro."

His mind then raced back to where his staff and he had landed. It was caught in the branch that was above his landing. He saw it with his magic, and with a little energy exertion, the staff was wiggled lose and was drawn back towards him. It soared like an arrow or bullet towards him, and the air around the soaring stick seemed to blur. It then started to slow down like a car, and drifted into Negi's hand. He took the staff and held it tightly. He remembered the time when he was little and he had first obtained the staff. It warmed his heart even further.

He exited his hiding area and came back to the camp. He finished his food and let out a large yawn. Kaede heard the yawn and prepared a nice little jacuzzi. Negi was welcomed to use it, and so he did. He slid into the nice and warm water, and soaked in it for a bit. Kaede, he had noticed, was also stripped. Negi's breathing pace quickened a little. He looked to see her fully naked, though she did put forth the effort to cover her bare chests. She slid into the water with him, the water bubbling and warm. She smiled and leaned back. Luckily the bubbles covered up everything, so while Negi felt uncomfortable, at least he did not feel he was doing anything wrong by looked downwards.

He sat there, stationary until she had decided it was bedtime. It was about nine at night when he had slid into his night sack. He swiftly dozed off, and eventually let out a loud snore as he slept.


"Is the plan in action?" asked she.

"Yes, it is, Mistress," replied the flat tone.

"Good, he will never see me coming. Who knew his father really did fail at magic," the girl snickered.


Negi awoke the next morning, staring into the eye of God again. He smiled at his little nickname he gave to the whole of light that poked through. He looked into the bright morning son for a minute, and then exited. Negi made an effort help Kaede out with some of her chores, but then told her he had to leave to help some of his students. He knew this was not true, and it pained him that he had to lie yet again. He never really knew why he had to keep the fact that was a wizard secret. What would be the point in hiding your identity if you are just trying to help people, and that your enemy is cunning enough just to find you location and tactical plans anyway. He knew this was goofy thoughts, so he simply bid her fair well, left sight and took off.

So, without much further ado, he flew towards his room. Asuna sat there on the balcony. She almost gave up waiting until she saw a small speck on the horizon. Seth had left the day before, and had not come by today. He was probably studying for the upcoming semester exams that would happen in about two more weeks. Asuna refused to study however, for she had more important things to take care of, like vampresses and such things. But when she saw the spec, she took Como by his little paws and slung him around like a little stuffed-animal. Since nobody was around to hear him squeal, as Konoka had left somewhere for the weekend, he yelled out as he sounded like he was going to hurl, "Where am I? Disney Land? Stop slinging be around like I am on a roller coaster. He was then set down on the balcony as Negi landed, riding on his staff.

"How did no one catch you flying on your staff like a broom, Big Brother," asked Como, sometimes referred to as Albert, very innocently.

"I just circled around town and the campus and landed here on this balcony," his answer almost seemed to be planned and rehearsed, sort of like a military colonel when he tries to and acts like he can emphasize with military spouses, when really it makes him sound like an arrogant and pompous twit. Despite this prepared answer, Como took the news quite well.

Asuna was overly joyed and even went as far as to hug Negi, "I am so glad you did not leave."

Negi looked at her affectionately. As he was being hugged, he waited a minute, almost puzzled to what was going on. So, after that minute, he went as far as to hug her back. Asuna's eyes snapped wide open and she let Negi free. She jumped back and yelled to cover up her feelings, "Keep in mind though, it is not for you. You are just a really good English teacher, and without you I would be failing English."

So, Negi's facial expression turned from a happy face into a face that showed the usual face of disappointment. Sometimes it really bothered him that Asuna would refuse to ask for help and refuse to acknowledge her emotions. No matter though, she was a good person, and already knew of Negi's secret.

Overall, he arrived back to the dorms unharmed and with a renewed amount of energy. He was now determined to put an end to this conflict with the student and vampress named Evangeline.

Negi also had to deal with the fact that Seth was a partner with someone in the world. Someone he knew was or is a mage, and so he needed to figure out the boys origins and to make sure he was unaware of them. He honestly had not thought of this on his "vacation." He looked out of the window to the sky, which was now darkening. It was a combination of dark and dim orange with the black of night. It was is similar to the desert. Anyway, he had two major things to worry about.
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