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Default Re: Image Requests - [Request banners/avatars/images here]

Originally Posted by Chromatic Alchemist View Post
I have a (hopefully) simple request. Once going by the alias State Alchemist Patrick, I used the banner I have now. I don't want to have the text in the banner anymore, and I was wondering if it wouldn't be too hard to remove the text without disrupting the entire image? If anybody could shoot me a PM, I'd be grateful. Thanks much.
You want the text removed, right? Will this work? I hope I didn't ruin the banner! xD
Originally Posted by Shiny Jolteon View Post
Banner/Avatar: Banner
Size: Normal
Colour Theme: Color of a Shiny Jolteon (Green/Limeish I guess :3) and White
Image(s): Bigger if possible on this one)
Biggest Thunder Stone I could Find :)
Background Image(s): A thunderstone :)
Main Text: Shocking... (At top right corner)
Sub-Text: Shiny Jolteon (Bottom)
Border: White
Extra: None :)

PM me the Link when it is finished! Thanks SO Much :)

Oh and for the avatar:
Same, but just put the Sprite and the color Scheme. and Put, Shiny Jolteon on the top. :) Just like I have it, but with more color and creativity :D
I'll give your request a shot later today~ ^^

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