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Default Re: [Survivors] Related Chat

The rules were no switching, three randomly choosen pokemon, no TMs or breeding moves, and a toxic that you cannot get rid of.

Ierdar-Dusclops, Heracross, Lanturn
Mikey-Swampert, Alteria, Blaziken

Dusclops vs Swampert
Dusclops confused swampert for a nice haxing, causing Swampert to hit itself. Swamperts one move, mud slap, didn't make a difference. Swampert was KOed with toxic and nightshade while Dusclops was left with a little over 50% HP.

Dusclops vs Alteria
Mikey sent Alteria out next. Safeguarding so Dusclops didn't confuse him again. Instead of Confuse ray, Dusclops commited suicide with a curse attack, causing extra damage per turn. Curse + Toxic finished Dusclops off, but delt a nice bit of damage to Alteria

Heracross vs Alteria
With Toxic, Heracross got an extra boost of attack from Guts. Megahorn gave Alteria a nice hit, causing it to be KOed from Curse and Toxic. Alteria had Dragon Danced for some reason.

Heracross vs Blaziken
Heracross used Brick break, Blaziken used Flamethrower. Heracross lived with 12% HP after Toxic, Blaziken 44%. Being faster, Heracross was able to finish up with one last Brick Break.

Team Neroh wins.

Little summery of the battle. =P
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