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Default Re: L A S E R S [gallery]

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Originally Posted by Lilligance View Post
Wonderful work! I especially like the Lilligant banner on the crumpled paper haha! I also like the Icons you made! Wonderful effects! I hope you create a tutorial in the future! You'd be marvelous in digital designing!
Hahaha, thanks so much! <3
Originally Posted by MoonKit View Post
Oh. My. God.

Is it just me, or did I just see two of my favorite characters out of any show/movie, Mulan and Gir, in ICON FORM?

You are completely awesome. -Subscribes to this thread-
It's not exactly Gir, but it's close to him. And thanks <3

Originally Posted by Mizuki Emi View Post
Wow. o3o Your work (especially the icons!) are amaaazing~

The icon I like most would have to be the Darkrai one. The use of texture and lighting is what made the icon look so awesome, in my opinion. ^^

This banner's just mind-blowing. Everything in it is perfect (yup, that includes lighting, coloring, use of C4D, and sharpness xD). Have you done some smudging in this? It's hard to tell, kinda looks like it~
I did smudge most of it. xD
Originally Posted by The Pokemon Ninja View Post
I personally like the best.
Oh, thanks! It's sorta old, though. ^..^;
Originally Posted by Shucklulz View Post

Your stuff is awesome. I especially adore the Victini icon and Batman tag, but everything else is equally epic. <3 Keep up the excellent work! :D

Thanks Emp. <3333

Also, on VM, I was asked if I still use GIMP; yes, I still use GIMP. I haven't downloaded PS.


I couldn't decide which side I like it the best.
A little set. I'm still deciding whether I'd made an Icon Tutorial. I'd love to hear what you guys think on that. I could either made a icon tutorial or a banner tutorial. AHH, CHOICES. Enjoy, guys. <3
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