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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death

Name: Caoimhe (KEEV-ah, it's Gaelic xD) Alistriona

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Team: Elemental

Class: Mage, who is gifted in some Life Magic--mainly with elemental magic dealing with water (by extension, ice) and earth (plants and healing).

: Some people might find Caoimhe beautiful; others might find her modest or plain. She doesn’t try to fit anyone’s expectations, and cares little for her looks. Still, she has an elegant figure, standing taller than some men. Her long, silky, light brown hair she usually keeps up in braids, pulled away from her gentle face. Her hazel eyes are full of compassion and patience, and those who follow her feel her almost motherly love for them.

Personality: Calm and ever patient, Caoimhe is slow to anger, and bears little hatred, even her enemies. She will think things through, and act with caution and deep meditation. Yet despite her kindness and mild nature, she can be strict and harsh when needed. She will resort to violence, but only if there is no other way, but she doesn’t bear hate or anger for her enemies. Instead, she feels a great sadness for the corruption in the world, and longs to be rid of it. Life is precious to her, and would preserve it if given the chance. She doesn’t like to think herself as a leader, but believes that every individual in her camp has a right to speak or act.

History: Caoimhe was born into a wealthy, aristocratic family in Itum, where she had everything she wanted and the respect her family thought she deserved. Occasionally her father won a position of power within the triumvirate. Being as set for life as she was, she thought that she had it all. But deep down, she knew there was some things that she would never had: the love of her parents, and true happiness. With every day that went past, the more she became aware of the void left by this lacking, and the more she began to despair. She quietly played the aristocrat game with her family—showing proper etiquette, manners, and respect as she stayed “seen but not heard”—but the same old act grew old.

But that was all until the day she fell in love.

He was a wild, reckless youth—the trouble child of another rich family in Itum. He did everything to defy his parents and the stuffy customs of “civilization”, and this rebellious behavior caught her eye. His name was Brayan. At first, she tried to ignore him. She had the family honor to keep up, after all, and it just wouldn’t do to be seen around such a troublemaker. Brayan was persistent, however, and soon even Caoimhe couldn’t resist his charm. She started sneaking away with him, taking part in his adventurous excursions. The more she went with him, the more she wanted. For once, she was getting the taste of freedom—and perhaps, of love.

Yet one day, Brayan found new interest in something especially unspeakable in Itum—which quickly turned into an obsession. He discovered Death Magic, and the secrets of Ichor. After stumbling into it at an underground market, he desired to know more and more about forbidden magic, and eventually he dragged even Caoimhe into it. They nearly went mad with this new source of wild rebellion. They were doing something so bad, so extreme, shoving everything their parents represented back into their faces.

Eventually, that journey came to an end. They were caught by the authorities, and would have been killed for their crimes if their families hadn’t intervened. Not wanting further embarrassment, Brayan and Caoimhe’s parents all decided to put them away quietly. After practically disowning them, they sent their “corrupted” children to Venefinia. There, at least they hoped, the children could be “put in sorts” and “controlled somewhat.”

Brayan and Caoimhe didn’t know what to expect—and for the first time in their young lives, they were afraid. When they finally reached Venefinia, they received some “royal” attention. Right away they got their first taste of the city’s Mind Police. The governmental presence took them to the Ministry of Truth, to “retrain” them to resist corruption. For Caoimhe, it was especially trying. Eventually, both of them pulled through—growing even closer together.

Eventaully, both were allowed to rejoin the Venefinia society, and began their true education of their new gifts. The things they learned amazed them, but scared them at the same time. They came to a grim realization of what they had gotten themselves into—that they would continually face the threat of corruption every day. Brayan felt wholly responsible for dragging Caoimhe into this mess, and promised to her that he would protect her.

But once again, things didn’t go as well as planned. Brayan wasn’t happy with how controlling the Mind Police were. He didn’t appreciate the violations they made on his and Caoimhe’s privacy. Being the kind that never liked rules and restraints, he didn’t respond well to their monitoring. He developed a bitter enmity with one of the agents, which grew deeper and deeper with every meeting. Such rivalry didn’t end well. In the end, it cost Brayan his life—and Caoimhe’s heart.

Broken and miserable, Caoimhe nearly lost herself. The Mind Police took her again back to the Ministry of Truth, where they tried to revert her process of corruption yet again. Months passed without much progress, and soon the Ministry debated ending her life. However, something abruptly changed in Caoimhe. She regained her sanity, and almost seemed at peace with herself. She made a remarkably speedy recovery, enough to allow her release—though the Ministry let her go reluctantly. Afterward, they kept a close eye on her, but still she showed no sign of breaking.

But the moment they glanced away—even for a brief second—she disappeared.

Caoimhe fled from Venefinia for the forests north, fading from the knowledge of old friends and family. Rumors are spreading that somewhere in the Endla forests, surrounding Parasanti where their ideals agree with her, Caoimhe is living on. The wildest stories say that she leads a band of renegades and outcasts, who fight against corruption of all kinds, in memory of her lost beloved. But whether or not that is true, remains to be seen.

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