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Default Re: Outer Heaven

I sat on Skullcruncher's back, looking for a good place to land. I had already started looking for the Pokemon I wanted before my Ranger even got here. I had a Druddigon voice disk playing loud as I soared through the sky. I wasn't quite sure any Pokemon could hear the call, so I decided to land. As I got closer to the ground, I saw a large black and red dog barking up at me.

"Oh shet, Skullcruncher, get us to the gate quick. Our Ranger is on his way." I called out. The large black Dragon with two faces for hands roared loudly as he made a sharp stop and turned the other way. Mindbender, my Gardevoir grabbed hold of the black dog and disappeared. Skullcruncher flew hella fast towards the entrance of the Outer Heavens... the place I was supposed to be waiting at for my Ranger, but waiting obviously wasn't something I was good at.

I saw my Ranger approching and jumped off Skullcruncher's. The jump wasn't too great, I fell flat on my face. I quickly got up and brushed myself off. Mindbender and the black dog, Shadow appeared next to me. I watched the Ranger walk up to me, hoping he didn't suspect anything. Skullcruncher hovered above me, waiting for him to arrive. Then I heard a loud roar and realized that I had left the voice disk on. With the Ranger coming, there wasn't anytime to turn it off.
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