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Default Re: Open Battle: Crystal Momoyia vs. Mewcario

Master Zorua

[Flare] Torchic (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Low Kick~Reversal

Crystal Momoyia

[Shinju] Lapras (F)
HP: 74%
Energy: 70%
Condition: -1 Accuracy
Moves: Rain Dance~Sing

Master Zorua pulled out his Pokeball for Farah and recalled his Growlithe who was currently knocked out. He drew another Pokeball from his belt and tossed it out. From the red light appeared what seemed to be a small chicken. It was Flare, Zorua’s Torchic. She sized up her opponent, and to her credit didn’t back down. Rather, she seemed pumped and ready to take on the challenge of bringing down such a large foe. However, Shinju had the superior speed, and started with her move. Shinju raised her head towards the sky, and opened her mouth. A small blue ball began to form, and before long she shot it skyward. Shortly after the ball was out of sight, storm clouds appeared and it began to rain on the small clearing.
(Lapras > -7 Energy)

Flare, unaffected by the rain, laughed because she wasn’t going to be using a fire-type move. Rather, she began to charge the large Pokemon head on. She dashed around the side of the Lapras, and kicked out one of her small legs. Shinju laughed, until the leg made contact and tripped her up. The Lapras fell forward, landing on her chest, as the small bird dashed around behind her so she wouldn’t be crushed underneath the falling giant.
(Torchic > -42 Energy, Lapras > -9 HP)

Shinju pushed herself up, and slowly turned around to face Flare. She focused on the small bird, and softly began to sing her a lullaby. The small chick tried to dash away, but the sound of Shinju’s voice captivated her. The musical notes coming from the Lapras slowly edged towards Flare, wrapping themselves around her as she started to feel her eyes droop and her head fell forward. She tried to fight the urge to sleep because she knew that she had to stay awake to attack, but it was becoming so hard for her to focus. Finally, Flare surrendered to slumber, and slept right through her next order from her trainer.
(Lapras > -4 Energy, Torchic > Sleep)

Ref notes:
Lapras uses Rain Dance (Weather is now Rain for 2 rounds)
Torchic uses Low Kick (Lapras weighs 220, BP is 120, 9934/10,000 625 or less for CH)
Lapras uses Sing (37/100 42 or less to hit, Torchic is asleep)
Torchic sleeps through Reversal (52/100 30 or less to wake up)

Master Zorua

[Flare] Torchic (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 58%
Condition: Asleep (6 more actions)

Crystal Momoyia

[Shinju] Lapras (F)
HP: 65%
Energy: 59%
Condition: -1 Accuracy

Crystal Momoyia will send her moves first, then Master Zorua will send his.
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