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Default Re: [WAR X] Pokemon Online Battling

Week 2 has ended. The part you care about:


SiberianTiger (Octopus Babies) - 5
Husnain (Octopus Babies) - 4
Fierce Deity (Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil) - 2

SiberianTiger earns 3 points for his team, while Husnain gets 2. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, I want to remind everyone that I updated the form at the end of last week. Please use that one, since it is much more helpful to me.

Nonetheless, I will continue to accept the old one as I did this week.

As for next week, the theme will be using Pokemon allowed in the UnderUsed (UU) Tier! It is a different metagame, and you will see Pokemon you don't see much of, if at all, in the OU tier.

In the UU tier, if you didn't know, you are not allowed to use Pokemon that are considered Uber, OU, or BL. Feel free to use anything else. For a full list of what is legal in UU play, please revert to the tier list I have linked to in the main post under the "Important Links" section. And remember that you MUST do battle on the Smogon tier - this is especially important this week given that what is legal in the Smogon server is very different from what is considered legal in many other servers, especially the 'standard' PO server.