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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Name: The Ooze
Gym Theme: Poisonous Swamp

1st Trainer: Veteran Serpent
Arbok Lv.41
Seviper Lv.42

2nd Trainer: Gentleman Cixot
Weezing Lv.42
Swalot Lv.41
Garbodor Lv.42
Skuntank Lv.44

3nd Trainer: Lady Fume
Vileplume Lv.42
Victreebel Lv.43
Amoongus Lv.42
Crobat Lv.43

4th Trainer: Bug Catcher Spike
Dustox Lv.40
Beedrill Lv.41
Ariados Lv.42
Venomoth Lv.43

5th Trainer: Young Couple King&Queen
Nidoking Lv.43
Nidoqueen Lv.43

6th Trainer: Swimmer Acid
Qwillfish Lv.42
Tentacruel Lv.44

Leader: Poi&Son
Drapion Lv.45
Scolipede Lv.45
Gengar Lv.46
Muk Lv.46
Toxicroak Lv.47
Roserade Lv.47
Money: $5200, TM: Cross Poison, Toxic Badge.

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