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Tsuna: For the most part it looks good to me broski, except for two things.

Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
Healing Items

Castelia Cone - Cures Pokémon of all status effects - $3
Sweet Heart – Restores your Pokemon’s Health by 10% - $5
Energy Powder – Restores your Pokemon’s Energy by 10% - $5
Moomoo Milk – Restores your Pokémon’s Health and Energy by 10% - $10


Healing Pack - $20

1x Castelia Cone
1x Sweet Heart
1x Energy Powder
1x Moomoo Milk
Doing the math, you save all of three dollars buying the Healing Pack. Which is nice, but it just seems like a a bit too little to me, not really worth it as a separate thing.

Fragile Egg Unit – Carries an Egg you find in the Zone. - $5 (Temporary - Breaks after end of expedition)
Superior Egg Buster Ma'am - Carries an Egg you find in the Zone - $20 (Permanent)
I hadn't even brought up your Egg idea to the others yet, let alone us agreeing on implementing it and any kind of system with it. So... yeah, no.

Due mostly to the second one, Ima give it a big no, for now.
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