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Default Re: Open Battle: Crystal Momoyia vs. Mewcario

Round Twelve

Crystal Momoyia

[Shinju] Lapras (F)

HP: 65%
Energy: 51%
Condition: Ready for her next opponent
Moves: Switch (Houndoom) ~ Nasty Plot

Master Zorua

[Flare] Torchic (F)

HP: 1%
Energy: 51%
Condition: In agony; Trapped
Moves: Switch (Zorua) ~ Chill

With Flare almost out of the picture, Crystal decided that it was time to give Shinju a bit of rest. She pulled the Lapras’ poké ball from her pocket and watched as the beam of red light hit her pokémon’s shelled back and turned it back to energy, which could be easily stored. While Shinju was being carefully stowed away so that she could return later if necessary, the whirlpool which had surrounded Flare began to fall apart; the Torchic fell out of it, battered and bruised – she was barely able to stand, let alone fight. But now there was a new opponent facing her, a large, brutal looking dog, who could breathe fire. She squeaked and fell on to her back – she wasn’t enjoying this.

Fortunately, Master Zorua had realised that she wouldn’t be able to fight for much longer and decided to recall her. However, he then realised that the only other pokémon he had remaining was Lotus, the Zorua, who was hardly in a better state; nevertheless, he had to go with someone and soon a, rather grouchy looking, black fox was prowling around the tree at the centre of the arena. By her side were two exact clones. She looked at the Houndoom on the other side of the water and growled – she was not happy to have been called back out.

Surge looked at the Zorua, his eyes glinting with fire; he watched her movements, the way she dragged her feet, how her ears drooped slightly, that her tail was resting on the floor. He could see that she was tired and that this match wouldn’t go on for very long in any case. But that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t need some sort of plan to bring her down. You see, Surge was a tactical genius as well as a strong battler; just by the information he had gathered by watching his opponent he had come up with a plan that could bring her down with a thump. As long as he followed the plan, she would take more damage than usual and he’d win easily.

But Lotus was tired and needed a little time to rest before going back into battle and fighting tooth-and-nail. She lay down, clones by her side, and took a few deep breaths; she was useless until she had restored some of her energy. Meanwhile, her adversary smiled – she was doing exactly what he wanted her to.

Crystal Momoyia

[Surge] Houndoom (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 97%
Condition: Confident that he can win; +2 Special Attack

Master Zorua

[Lotus] Zorua (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 13%
Condition: Not so glad to be back; 2 Clones

Switch- (Lapras is switched for Houndoom)
Switch- (Torchic switched for Zorua)
Nasty Plot- (Houndoom -3% Energy, +2 Special Attack)
Chill- (Zorua +6% Energy)

Arena Notes

Team Notes
Crystal Momoyia
3 Pokémon remaining
Drakon: 27% HP, 58% Energy
Shinju: 65% HP, 51% Energy
Master Zorua
2 Pokémon remaining
Flare: 1% HP, 51% Energy