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Default Re: Grader Wages - 05/02 - 07/20

Originally Posted by Kai-Mei View Post
Yaaaaaay... glad I didn't entirely disappoint on this one. I'm kinda unfamiliar with the PE2K format, but I'll be sure to proofread it over next time. Thankies. Curious, though, if I got the character count correct, because Crimson Tide was 173K+ (35 posts), so 35x 1K + 7K = 42K, not 40? Inb4 I managed to mess that up somehow. XD

Oh, and claiming. ^.^

Also... three grades in two months. WE ROCK.
I believe that's right, so it's 42K. (If anybody sees something with this math, don't hesitate to correct. xD)

- Kat

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