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Default Ref Wages: 7/12 - 7/25

This set of wages run from 7/12/11 10:45 PM to 7/25/11 11:59 PM using Greewich Mean Time (+/- 0). For the ease of future wages, the last battle you are paid for will be linked to. It’s encouraged to put a symbol like this one for the last battle you reffed that was paid, or whatever you think is fine, like putting PAID in the next post.

Unfortunately, not all logs are done correctly or accurately. Therefore, your wages will be adjusted by a small amount as a punishment, because a less keen eyed ref wage counter may not seem them, and I'm sure I missed a few things. All totals are done by adding the individual battle logs, and then applying your penalties. Your salary or unpaid wages or whatever you call them in your log are ignored for the most part. I count everything by myself, I don’t follow what you personally keep track of, because you will see it’s sometimes incorrect... Penalties don’t replace what you are paid, they just add (or should I say subtract) on. For example, if you typo that you gained 10,000 for reffing a 2 VS. 2, I would give you a penalty of -9,000, so you overall made 1,000 from that battle (just like it should be).

Also, remember you only get paid for the most amount of Pokemon used on one side. For example, if in a 6 VS. 6 one side used 4 Pokemon and the other side used 2 before a forfeit, you would get paid 2,000.

Whatever bold number is put with your name is what your wages are and what you can add to your stats; penalties are already applied to that number. All the things on the bulleted list are just there to explain why things may be lower (or higher?) than you expected.

If you feel as though there is a mistake, I do not mind at all double or triple checking your wages.

WebMaster: 76,000
Last Counted:
mubz: 1,000
Last Counted:

Nitro: 13,500
Last Counted:
DrStubbserg: 3,000
Last Counted:
Roulette Dares: 36,500
Last Counted:
MaverickKaiser: 14,500
Last Counted:
Keep it clean. 8)

Pidge: 31,500
Last Counted:

Synthesis: 66,500
Last Counted:
Fossil Fusion: 17,000
Last Counted:
Ebail: 40,000
Last Counted:
Good work.

ChainReaction01: 7,000
Last Counted:
derian: 2,000
Last Counted:

The pokemaster: 71,500
Last Counted:
Alaskapigeon: 38,000
Last Counted:
iReign: 1,500
Last Counted:

Neonsands: 9,000
Last Counted:

Toxophilite: 5,500
Last Counted:
Ash K: 1,500
Last Counted:
There is no need for all that… And you’re just making things harder for yourself.

SiberianTiger: 2,000
Last Counted:

TheEvilDookie: 1,500
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Xali: 18,500
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - Record of hot & spicy battles
Bumblebee: 25oo
Last Counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - |-Cybertron's Reffing Squadron-|

-Pichu Boy-: 12,500
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We Taste Pies…: 6,000
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gmandiddy: 12,500
Last counted: Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - Gmandiddy's Lag Log

Non reffing deductions

Zhwoobatte: -250
gmandiddy: -250

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554

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