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Default Re: Trading Depot [For All Your Small Trading Needs!]

I've not made it to this part of the forum before, but, as I'm quite desperate right now (with the VGC World Tournament looming around the corner), I do have the need for a couple of pokemon (for egg move breeding), one common and one less common.

My Game: Pokemon Black Version
In Game Name: Ali
Friend Code: 4169 3827 9516
How you want to be contacted: I'd prefer you to email me at; however, you may also send me a PM here on pe2k
Pokemon/Item Want:

-Pineco or Forretress (Male)
-Any level
-Preferably of "Impish" nature, but I can do without if unavailable
-Pineco can be caught in a Route 16 Swarm in BW; it can also be found by headbutting trees in HGSS
-This Pokemon MUST BE LEGIT

-Spiritomb (Male)
-Any level
-Preferably of "Calm" nature, but I can do without if unavailable
-Spiritomb must be Poketransferred to BW; found in the "Quiet Cave" Area (@LV31) in the Pokewalker for HGSS
-This Pokemon MUST BE LEGIT

Pokemon/Item offered: I can offer many different pokemon/items for my requested pokemon, please email/PM me to work out the details of your requested pokemon.

I seek to find these pokemon within this week if possible, I plan on using these pokemon to help me produce my team for the Pokemon VGC World tournament on August 12th, and I hope to have bred all of my team members by the end of this week. Thank you in advance, to whoever can provide me with these pokemon.

~Ali the Dark One~