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Default Re: Signature, Avatar, and Drawing Showcase!

Originally Posted by Linchy View Post

This one looks great. I like the effect you put in it. But not too many, tough.

Don't know what to comment on this one. It already looks fine.

As you said, it has no depth and lighting.
And, the background doesn't fit the render and that red bar well. This one is the least good from those you made here.

Originally Posted by phibb2 View Post
It's a chibi Bulbasaur!

I believe you, as a spriter, must already know what to do with outline. Your outline looks messy especially the right face (our left). The outline is too thick compared to the other side.
I think you do it not by mistake, but you really want to make it like that since the outlines covering its face and seed thing are bold.
But seriously, it is messy for me, at least.
And, try applying lighting on it for better result.
My response is Bold.

Made these about a week ago.


Banner by Pokemon Trainer Sarah
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