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Default Re: CLOSED; Tokyokit vs Eishiba ~ 3m0d0ll Refs.



[Ding Ding] Bronzor
Ability: Levitate.
Health: 59%
Energy: 27%
Actions: Sandstorm~Confuse Ray
+1 Def; +1 Sp. Att; +1 Sp. Def


[AoiAki] Oshawott
Ability: Torrent.
Health: 61%
Energy: 19%
Actions: Chill~Protect
+2 Critical levels; TXC (8%)

Oshawott, feeling the effects of his quarrels, decided that it'd be best, and he'd be in the the top percentage of Oshawottz, if he had just a bit more Energy to spare... Relaxing his body and mind, he pictured a soft bed waiting for him. He gently laid himself down in it and quickly fell asleep. When he awoke, he felt much more energized like he could take on the world.
[Chill; Oshawott, +6% Energy]

Planning ahead, and trusting it's Trainer, Bronzor began spinning on it's axis, like the earth, at a sickeningly-quick pace. Oshawott tried to follow Bronzor, who was now rotating in a circle around a large pile of flaky cotton candy, but gave up soon after, as he was much too fast in this state. The mirror-Pokemon could feel a type of exertion-related moisture dew above his eyes, even though he had no sweat glands. The cotton candy powdered up rather than crystallizing, and turned into a pile of something that resembled the texture of air. Rather than trying again, in a different area, Bronzor gave up, knowing there was nothing in the candy isle that could properly mimic sand.
[Sandstorm; Bronzor, -7% Energy | Failed incompatible arena.]

Oshawott wasn't entirely convinced that Bronzor's attack had actually failed, so, playing on the safe side, he threw up a glass-like protective barrier with a mysterious teal tint. The wall of energy formed a perfect sphere around the otter-Pokemon, protecting him from anything that may wish to harm or disable him.
[Protect; Oshawott, -8% | Protects]

Determined and loyal to it's trainer, Bronzor closed it's eyes, purple orbs appearing around the circular bumps on it's body. A strange, crackling energy that resembled tentacles appeared, and linked the orbs together, creating something that looked like an askew flower. Opening its eyes, dyed purple by this energy, Bronzor send the purple spheres towards Oshawott's Protect-wall. The globes bounced off the shield, deflected by its energy, and were obliterated, exploding into tufts of harmless, shimmering, purple powder.
[Confuse Ray; Bronzor, -5% Energy | Oshawott, protected by Protect] [TXC; Oshawott, -8% Health]


[Ding Ding] Bronzor
Ability: Levitate
Health: 59%
Energy: 15%
+1 Def; +1 Sp. Att; +1 Sp. Def


[AoiAki] Oshawott
Ability: Torrent
Health: 53%
Energy: 17%
+2 Critical levels; TXC (8%)

Moonkit, your moves, please.
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