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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Aki Shibayama and Haru Aozora
Veil of Touch and Non-Alt
Castelia City
Affected RPers: Sabi, Chibi, and Sylver

Aki grinned, wiggling her toes like one might tap their fingers, and was greeted with the image of a girl wearing what seemed to be often classified as "goth clothes"--boots, ruffled skirt, a jacket that seemed out of place with the skirt, and a...tophat? Oh well, she introduced herself as a visual alt about the sane time the other girl made a rather snappy comment about what the plan was. Then there was the matter of the other boy near her who seemed to have heard about alternates, but how? /Musei? Any explanation?/

The Gallade only had to glance at the boy to realize his mistake. The boy had a Gardevoir. Aki, being halfway in his mind, realized it at the same time he did. "Crap!" Aki hissed as Haru picked up on the term as well.

"What is he talking about, Aki?" The blonde inquired, Aki shook her head.

"None of your business." She muttered, Haru frowned at her.


"If you're going to help, shut up and help. You," Aki's voice bore a tone of menace until she turned on Stella, where it lightened and became suddenly polite and much softer. "Can you try and take over the illusion? Make them look like they're running away as we knock them down?" She asked quickly about a half-second before she heard an electric crackle, and she was suddenly slammed into from the side and knocked off her feet, catching a fleeting image of the boy who had tackled her before she crashed to the ground.

/Aki!/ Musei shouted mentally about the same time Haru yelped.

"Holy crap, are you okay???" Haru asked, worried for both the blind girl and the boy who had taken the unexpected thunderbolt for her. While Musei was eternally grateful, Aki was rather angry, especially when not only did the idiot have the genius to introduce himself in the middle of a battle after just being struck down, but he had to call her an alt. Under normal circumstances, she would have punched the crap out of him. Her blind eyes stared blankly forward, and his hand was ignored as Musei reached out and grabbed her to pull her up.

"The heck was that for, you freaking idiot? Just shove me over in the middle of battle and then introduce yourself, why don't you?! And then you had to mention us, didn't you--not everyone here knows!" She hissed, astounding Haru with the ferocity of her tone.

/Forgive her, she doesn't take well to being knocked around. It's what blinded her in the first place. I however, thank you many times over./ Musei told Joseph.

Meanwhile, Colossus had taken and interest in the pummeling party that seemed to have formed around another girl(Rizu) and joined the other trainer and the pokemon that had helped her, waiting for something to make a move--almost daring it.

Michelle Toya
Veil of Vision
Affected RPers: Chibi and Lati

Michelle grinned as more mental conversation between the two took place, and they closed out their show, seemingly to make time for her. She smiled as the taste alt offered to let her try and his twin seemed to object. "I'm not a sneaky, heartless girl who plans harm on others." She murmured defensively, she wouldn't have hurt him or even tried to. It was all a game of curiosity here, and she wasn't into the kind of thing anyway. "Does Lilycove in Hoenn sound good?" She asked before concentrating, fixing her mind on the view of the shore of Liliycove from her bedroom window and trying to project it to the boy's eyes. Those eyes were almost hypnotic, yet something in her repelled the idea of losing herself in them. That would be getting in too deep... She thought morbidly, thinking of her avoidance of human companionship and how it had affected her. It was only a ment before she returned her full concentration on the image she was trying to project to the boy--and then a voice that belonged to neither of them broke in.

Michelle jumped and spun around to find a hooded figure near her, asking about some apples the twins had been selling. It shattered her concentration, if Rai had seen anything at all then it would be gone now. Cam looked at the figure suspiciously, and Michelle caught a whirl of something about overpriced food and a job from the newcomer's mind. She turned back to Rai and shrugged, mouthing "Sorry, broke my concentration. Try again when he's gone?" if only to try and shake the bad feeling she was getting from the newcomer.

Enhanced Veil of Vision and Sound
Icirrus City
Affected RPers: Chibi

Shinichi blinked, looking at Nina with emotionless amber eyes. She was getting upset, and he knew where that could lead. "It's okay, Nina. I was impatient. If Rolland gets mad, it'll be my fault. You did nothing wrong, it was all me." He tried removing the nervousness Rolland caused from the situation with a surprisingly soft tone, besides, it was true. He had been tired of waiting and tracking. Something was bothering him, but he wasn't entirely sure just what that something was. Lillie turned her head to smile sweetly at her master's partner in crime(quite literally) and reached out to pat her shoulder.

An unhappy Nina was not what they needed with the nearly complete mission--all they had to do was take the girl back to Rolland now. "If it makes you feel better, you can numb her. Maybe she'll stop twitching." He said the word distastefully, the girl was trying to squirm in his arms, maybe removing her sense of touch would fix that, although it would be a bit more difficult for her to do--then again,he also knew the extent of Nina Sayers abilities. It would not require much more effort.

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