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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Stella Marino and Keitaro Kimura
Shade of Vision; Non-Alt
Castelia City
Affected Rpers: Winter and Sylver

"Are you alright?" Keitaro asked as the girl yelled out about someone attacking her. "Tsubaki, would you please tell me what is going on?"

:Someone just came out of nowhere and tackled the girl to the ground. It saved her from a Thunderbolt and she's somewhat mad about it.: The Gardevoir replied, more focused on the illusions than anything else. Being a Psychic pokemon she could dispel them easily, but that would attract attention.

Stella sighed and rlled her eyes at the spectacle that these idiots were making of themselves. She pulled her gloves down farther and turned back to the illusions, narrowing her eyes at them. "Something seems to be breaking the illusionist's concentration," she said out loud. "Either that or he or she is distracted by something. I can try." Her free hand went up and motioned to Lola. "Make a Magical Leaf. Showy, but don't actually hit the illusions," she whispered.

She waited until Lola nodded and started forming the leaves before taking a step forward, away from the others. She let her eyes drift half closed and concentrated, ignoring the fake rain and the vague arguments and the roars off in the distance. She thought of Palpitoads, and how she wanted them to turn away from then, run off into the alleys and corners. She wanted them out of sight, and then she would dissolve the illusion herself. She barely noticed the storm of multicolored leaves shooting by her and zipping around the fake Palpitoads, close enough to make it look as if they were doing damage but not really touching the illusions at all.

Keitaro tilted his head as he felt something tickle his senses. When you were blind, your other senses were heightened in order to compenstae. :Tsubaki?: he asked, hoping that the Gardevoir would understand the disturbance.

:I don't want to pry into her mind,: Tsubaki answered calmly, :and I don't think the Mismagius would let me anyway. But from what I can tell, there's something going on in the girl's head.: There was a pause. :I think she's trying to create an illusion. No other energy feels quite like it.:

"I see," Keitaro said out loud. "So all of you 'Alternates' can create illusions. How peculiar."

((Before you call me out on this, let me just say that people have been using 'Alternates' and 'illusions' in their dialogue for quite a while now. It's not that much of a stretch XDD))

Rai and Sora Hayabusa
Envoys of Taste and Smell
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: Winter and Lati

:Wait a moment,: Sora said, suspicion coloring his mindvoice. :Did she just--:

:Hush!: Rai thought as he felt something tickle his mind. He knew how to detect illusions and how to fight them, but this one was not dangerous. In fact he welcomed it and let his mind sit as limp as a lump of clay, ready to be molded. He felt the edges of his vision blur for a moment. He wasn't rebelling against the illusion, it was just naturally harder to trick an Alt. In the distance he could see the ligths of the Fairgrounds, but to his amazement they were started to blue together to create one big light reflecting off of a crystalline blue sea. For a moment he saw blue and a translucent gray that may or may not have been walls trying to form, but then the forming picture vanished when he heard a man's voice asking about apples.

The blue twin blinked and shook his head, feeling as if he had just woken up from a nap. :Interesting,: he said with a smile. :Sora, would you take care of that?:

Sora rolled his eyes a little and picked out three of the apples that the basket still had. "Usually they're a dollar each," he said, somehow managing to juggle the fruits with a Ditto still wrapped around his shoulders. "However since we're closed they're only seventy-five cents. We get new apples for each act." Next to him, Rai Jr. was copying his trainer's movements, juggling little balls of light.

Rai nodded at Miche's question and stepped a little to the side, blocking the man's line of vision. He didn't want the customer to see his lips move. "You know, it's a lot more polite to ask someone before you read their thoughts." He said very quietly without a hint of reproach, but there was something underlying in his tone that spoke of a firm seriousness.

Nina Sayers
Enhanced Veil of Touch and Smell
Icirrus City
Affected RPer: Winter

Nina frowned a little. "I don't know, if she loses her final sense with connecting to the world then she might go crazy." There were a few beats of silence as she thought about it. Siegfried waved at Lillie. "At least I can do something," she said at last and gave the girl a look.

She was also a touch Alt, which Shinichi had failed to emotion. However, with her sight and hearing already removed the girl was too much of a wreck to put up much of a fight. There was a gasp as Nina cleanly stripped away her feeling of touch like she was peeling an onion, and for a moment she tried to fight. The young one's sightless, nerveless hands clutched at Shi's shirt and Nina felt something trying to block her. But without any way to identify her attacker it was hopeless. After a few seconds the girl gave up and started to whimper in the back of her throat. "She's quite docile," Nina commented. "I wonder where Rolland found her."

((Holy crap I feel really sorry for the nameless blind, deaf, and currently unfeeling girl. That must really, really suck.))
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