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Default Re: sammy0295 vs. 3m0d0ll



[Jolt] Jolteon (M)
HP: 100
Energy: 80
Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Dig+Protect/Dig~Thunderbolt


Drapion (F)
HP: 78
Energy: 97
Ability: Sniper
Moves: Whirlwind~Poison Jab

Jolt, with his superior speed, moved first. He began to tunnel with his little paws, eventually burrowing himself underground. His little feet avoided the rocks as he traveled, totally invisible to his enemy. When he was confident he was behind his foe, he leapt out of the ground, crashing his spiny body into the scorpion. It happened in a split second, and Drapion had no time to react. As Jolt tackled Drapion bellowed in pain, cringing at the spines on Jolt’s neck. The electric pokemon took his place back on the other side of the stadium, fairly happy with the results of his current situation. He flexed his back, removing some stray spines that had been removed during the attack. Then he waited, knowing some major revenge was coming.
(-8% Health, -11% Energy)

Drapion was not happy at all. She knew that her foe was stronger than her, and had to get rid of him. Her trainer had devised a plan that solved just that; albeit in a rather unconventional way. How did Drapion end up learning Whirlwind anyways? She kind of just took a big breath, and when she let it out it was a fearsome blast of wind. The sheer force of the move sent wind flying across the arena, whipping back all pokemon except Drapion. It knocked Jolteon back into its pokeball, by some weird means. Maybe his trainer had recalled him, maybe he ran back in; there was no way to tell how the move actually worked. What just happened? Drapion wondered. She had been so caught up in the move that she hadn’t actually seen what pokemon had come back out. She wasn't even sure if something was going to be coming out. Nothing so far…she thought. Maybe the round is over? Who knows. Drapion put these thoughts out of her head and used the time for a nice long rest.
(-5% Energy, Jolt is blown away)



Drapion (F)
Health: 70%
Energy: 92%
Ability: Sniper

Referee Notes
Dig’s accuracy roll was 74, with 1-100 hitting.
Whirlwind’s accuracy roll was 31, with 1-100 hitting.

Team Notes

Jolt the Jolteon- 100 Health, 69 Energy
Flare the Flareon- KO’d

Banette- 63 Health, 40 Energy. Asleep.
Drapion- 70 Health, 92 Energy.

Sammy0295, next pokemon. Then 3m0d0ll’s orders, then sammy’s orders.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!