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Default Re: If You Were In Charge Of The Anime

Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
I still wish they put in more filler episodes regarding Castelia City because that was one of the main attractions in the games. And they should seriously incorporate the Team Plasma episodes soon or else viewers just might still be wondering why Jessie and James got the demotion, in addition to the glaring cliffhanger from the Venipede episode.
Ten times agree with you there! Castelia City had tons of things that could have been good quality filler episodes! We could have had a Victini episode or something there.

The writers are seriously dropping the ball with Team Plasma. So many episodes could be made featuring them. The biggest ball drop is making us wait for that two parter. Still I wonder how many future episodes depended on Team Plasma that had to be tabled because they didn't show those two episodes.
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