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As Meta streaked towards the Vanillite, small white needles began to rise out of the snow. Meta kept on charging, snapping the tips of the points like twigs as he rushed towards his target. I was interested in what the Ice-type was trying to accomplish - originally I thought that it was trying to make a barricade of ice to stop the Metagross from completing his attack, but the spires behind him continued to grow.

The attack made contact with the Vanillite, smashing into the little Ice-type's body. It was launched backwards and it fell onto a drift of snow, which poofed out in all directions. The Vanillite took ages to get up - I thought I had accidentally knocked it out in one hit until it got up and shook the snow off of its head. I smiled, because I certainly didn't want to go to the trouble of battling this Pokemon just to have it faint on me.

The Vanillite began shaking a little bit, and it emitted a strange cry. A visible, pervasive mist drifted out of its mouth. Its body jittered from side to side as more and more of the mist was expelled, reminding me somewhat of a lawn sprinkler. The mist suddenly leaped toward Meta and crashed into him, knocking him backwards. I was moderately shocked - it was hard to believe that something with such a small physical presence had the raw strength required to push the heavy Metagross backwards. It also appeared to sink into his joints, and he quickly retracted them to spare them any damage. Unfortunately, this meant that he lost all traction on the snowy surface and the mist knocked him around between many of the icy towers, which were now taller than me. I was again surprised - the icicles weren't broken by Meta knocking into them, so they must have been made of very stern stuff indeed.

Meta finally came to rest in front of me, and I considered my options. There was a whole battlefield of dangerous objects between Meta and the Vanillite, which made me feel less inclined to order a physical attack. Furthermore, as demonstrated by its Frost Breath attack, the Vanillite's stronger moves were close-range ones. That would indicate that the best course of action was to attack from a distance.

Unfortunately, I had concentrated on enhancing my Metagross' physical abilities due to the powerhouse that he is. He knew very few special attacks, and the ones that I had taught him (like Grass Knot) would be worse than useless here. I was stumped until I remembered a move that was often overlooked. A move that many Pokemon got, but not until they were fully evolved. A move that Metagross learned naturally, and therefore was more proficient with.

"Meta, hit that Vanillite with a Hyper Beam!" I cried.

Meta extended his front two legs and clamped them into the snow. They'd provide the counterbalance needed to offset the power of the Hyper Beam. A blindingly bright orb began to materialise and grow in front of his eyes. It spun around as it enlarged, slight wisps of gray the only imperfection visible to the naked eye. The attack cast light across the whole battlefield, illuminating the ice spires and casting rainbows through some of the clearer ones.

Thankfully, Hyper Beam required a recharge rest as opposed to a charge time, so it was ready to fire quickly, especially considering Meta was already proficient with the move. A huge column of bright white light burst out of the ball, towards the Vanillite. I could only hope that it would hit - in addition to requiring the user to rest, Hyper Beam was also inaccurate. Still, I palmed a Park Ball and waited for the attack to complete. At least the illumination would help make my throw easier.
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