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Default Re: Renatus: The Rebirth [SU/DS]

Organization Form of Enrollment

Name: Zoey Heart

Nickname: Zoe

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Born In: England

Position: Captain

Elements Controlled: Water and Earth

Appearance: Zoey is stands at 5"7 in height. She has a pretty average body type except more athletic than most women her age. Zoey usually wears a long sleeve purple shirt with a black skirt with black tights. She wears black leather boots and black leather gloves to match. She almost always has a black heart pin in her hair. She wears dark red lipstick and light blue eyeshadow. She has beautiful long purple hair. She has beautiful crimson red eyes and pale white skin. Zoey has a long scar running up her left wrist. She tries to hide it by almost always wearing long sleeved shirts. Zoey is quite the beautiful young lady.

Personality: Zoey is a confident and serious young woman. She isn't one to joke around and is always working hard. She doesn't like doing nothing and is short tempered. She is impatient, sarcastic and rude at times. But most of the time she is usually nice if being treated the same. She is respectful of her elders and is very hard on herself when she makes mistakes. She despises being wrong and she will argue to prove a point. She isn't one to take risks but if she must, she will. She isn't really a girl girl but is not a tomboy. She has trouble expressing her true emotions but is a hopeless romantic none the less.

History: Zoey was born and raised in Burnley City, England. Zoey was raised by her mother, Gloria, mostly but her father is Bruce. Gloria was one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but sometimes too nice. Bruce a mean and cold hearted person. He was always putting Zoey down telling her she would never amount to anything. This is why when she was 14 she began cutting herself. Her father soon began physically abusing her mother, and that's why Zoey one day gave herself that cut that went all the way down her arm. She was rushed to the hospital and was in rehab until she was 15. Then she came back home to the same abuse but once she became 18 she took her mother and they left to New Manchester. At 17 Zoey joined the Organization. She wanted to be able to help bring peace.
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