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Default Re: Beartic Tundra vs. Velocity


Beartic Tundra

[Lyssa] Mienshao (F)
HP: 59%
Energy: 72%
Moves: U-Turn(Gaia)~Growth


[Mr. Troll] Wobbuffet (M)
HP: 86%
Energy: 95%
Moves: Safeguard~Counter/Mirror Coat

Lyssa moved first, using a move that did not exactly come easily to her. She leaped into the air, jumping off the top of the fountain and almost reaching the hole in the ceiling. With one more jump, she passed Mr. Troll, then gracefully fell to the ground. Although the psychic pokemon tried to turn around, it was too late. With a swift paw, she whacked her opponent in the face and ran back to her spot, ready to be recalled. Wobbuffet’s ability activated, trying to tug her in, but her move blocked it and she was back in her pokeball. Her trainer reached for a different Pokeball, throwing it into the air. A tiny little grass type formed from the light, who had already fought in this battle. Although she didn’t look too happy, she was ready to fight.
(-8% Health, -9% Energy, Lyssa is switched for Gaia)
Mr. Troll, not exactly sure what just happened, began to perform his own move. It was one he was quite familiar with; well actually he was familiar with all eight, but you get the point. He raised his arms, concentrating his miniscule psychic energies as he created a light blue shield of energy. Although he knew that it would not block actual attacks, he would be safe from any silly status moves that his opponent would try to set up. Mr. Troll smiled; this was going to get much more interesting from here on in.
(-8% Energy, no status moves for 5 more actions)
Gaia was not impressed with her foe’s moves. That tiny little shield doesn’t even stop attacks! Although she really wanted to just go up to him and rip it apart, her trainer had other plans. She held out the flowers on her hands, pushing them out towards the night sky. Energy from the stars began to absorb in the bulbs, creating tiny orbs of green energy. They manifested as the stars grew brighter, and with a flick of her wrist they were released. The two orbs hit the ceiling, exploding into green dust around Gaia. It seemed to power her up; she would be a much tougher opponent to beat from now on.
(-4% Energy, ATK+1, SPATK+1)
Mr. Troll, not exactly sure what to do, simply stood there. He did not know which of his orders to use; both Counter and Mirror Coat would have absolutely no effect on his foe. His kind was one of much stupidity, and he decided that he should do what he did best; nothing. With a loud “wobba!” he laid down on the ground and did nothing. His trainer facepalmed as Gaia tried not to laugh too hard…

Beartic Tundra

[Gaia] Roselia (F)[/B]
HP: 100%
Energy: 96%
Condition: This is hilarious. ATK+1, SPATK+1.


[Mr. Troll] Wobbuffet (M)
HP: 78%
Energy: 87%
Mood: Confused… (Safeguard for 3 more actions)

Referee Notes
U-turn’s accuracy roll was 73, with 1-100 hitting.
Switch succeeds, see previous post.
Safeguard’s accuracy roll was 65, with 1-100 hitting.
Growth’s accuracy roll was 82, with 1-100 hitting.
Counter+Mirror Coat=nono.

Team Notes
Mr. Troll@ 78% Health 86% Energy
Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third@59% Health 91% Energy
Beartic Tundra:

Lyssa@ 59% Health 72% Energy
Gaia@ 100% Health 96% Energy

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!