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Default Re: [Survivors] Related Chat

The second special battle has been finished! It was VT vs Mag this time around. The rules were 3v3, RSE,and a raging sand storm throughout the battle dealing 12.5% damage every turn.

Venusaur vs Snorlax
Mag's Venusaur started off strong, putting VT's Snorlax to sleep after it attempted to curse. This gave Venusaur a little room. It combined TM Substitute with Leech seed to keep it's health up. Leech seed taking a massive amount of health from Snorlax caused Venusaur to gain HP rather than lose it every turn. While it slept, Snorlax's sleep talk was uneffective using Surf and then Thunderbolt. Finally, Snorlax is low enough to try and rest up. Unfortunatly, Venusaur sword dances while Snorlax slept another turn. Giga drain stole some of Snorlax's health away once again and this time, Snorlax woke up and went back to sleep with rest. Another sleep talk caused snore to break the sub Venusaur set out, but Venusaur's sludge bomb mixed with leech seed and sand storm nearly KOed Snorlax. Giga Drain finished it off, healing Venusaur a little more.

Venusaur vs Gengar
Right away, Magare knew what he was going to do. Gengar used a psychic attack, nearly KOing Venusaur after sandstorm. Venusaur used Roar, forcing Gengar back and bringing a new pokemon out.

Venusaur vs Golem
Golem was brought out with a stroke of luck from Venusaur's Roar. Venusaur was hurt sandstorm but stayed alive. It's ability growth was activiated.

Venusaur vs Gengar Part 2
Venusaur went for giga drain as VT recalled his golem. Giga drain damaged Gengar extra because of Growth. Since Magare had attacked first the last few turns, VT was forced to send his move first. He called for a psychic attack, hoping to KO Venusaur. Magare switched.

Alakazam vs Gengar
Psychic hit Alakazam instead of Venusaur and took the hit. A quick psychic from Alakazam, and the ghost was defeated. Golem was forced out.

Alakazam vs Golem
Alakazam quickly used an Ice Punch in an attempt to KO Golem. Unfortunatly, it was left with enough HP to KO Alakazam with Earthquake. Mag had two pokemon left, one severly weakened.

Kingdra vs Golem
Kingdra was sent instead of Venusaur, quickly KOing Golem with a Surf attack. Magare took the win for Tribe Neroh!
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