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Default Re: sammy0295 vs. 3m0d0ll

Despite her pokémon’s defeat, 3m0d0ll didn’t seem too upset. She still seemed to be in quite a good mood as she recalled the crumpled Drapion and pulled out her third and final poké ball. She tossed it through the air and it landed on the untamed grass, filling the air with light. A furry humanoid appeared in front of Vapor, a small smile on his face. The two battlers looked each other in the eye – ready to continue the battle.

Round Nine


[Doctor] Electivire (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Smiling broadly
Moves: Torment/ThunderPunch ~ ThunderPunch/Brick Break


[Vapor] Vaporeon (F)

HP: 78%
Energy: 74%
Condition: Still triumphant, but still annoyed; Taunted; Poisoned
Moves: Switch (Jolteon) ~ Dig

Except that sammy didn’t want Vapor to fight when she would be at such a disadvantage. She pulled the Vaporeon’s poké ball from her pocket and recalled the fish-dog before she could be harmed. Then she reached for another ball – Jolt’s ball. The lightning pokémon sped out of the flash of light which heralded his arrival. His triumphant arrival was cut short only by a couple of yelps as he trod on the pointed spikes which had been scattered around his teams feet by Drapion. Wincing as the poison coursed through his blood, he turned to face Doctor, who faltered a little as he took in the details of his new opponent. He had been expecting to go up against a water-type; this would be something completely different.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to let it get the better of him. A torrent of abuse flowed from the grinning Electivire, making Jolt’s blood boil as rage flooded his system. He couldn’t stand being treated like that by anyone, let alone another battler. His mind started to become unfocused as clouds of rage began to circles; he wouldn’t be able to string together two of the same attack at this rate.

Fortunately, he wouldn’t have to at the moment. All he needed to do was dig his way to the smirking Electivire and hit him as hard as he could. He began to claw at the ground beneath him, tearing out chunks of grass and soil as he did. Dirt filled the air as the Jolteon burrowed his way under the ground. Soon he had disappeared into the hole he had created and Doctor was left looking slightly puzzled – he had expected the dog to at least try and fight him. He shook his head, wondering what his opponent was up to. He wasn’t waiting long. Jolt burst out of the ground beneath him, pummelling him with his paws. The Electivire stumbled back; he was a little surprised by the outburst. However, he did have the satisfaction of knowing that he would get his own back soon.

Electricity crackled around his fist as he prepared his counterattack. His hefty body was illuminated by the energy coming off the powered fist. Jolt frowned, trying to figure out what on earth his opponent was doing. Doctor didn’t seem to notice the Jolteon’s confusion; his smile only grew wider as the power of his attack grew. Finally, with a bone-shattering bellow, he leapt at Jolt and smashed him in the side with his fist. The lightning-hound grunted as the wind was knocked out of him, but didn’t feel any pain at all; his body had absorbed the attack completely. Doctor stepped back, his smile had disappeared for the first time so far in the battle. He couldn’t believe that he’d forgotten something so simple. Fortunately, Jolt didn’t quite get off as freely as he wanted either; he was soon doubled over in pain as the poison he had been inflicted with attacked his body. Neither pokémon was doing as well as they would have wanted, but the battle was still far from over. Anything could still happen.


[Doctor] Electivire (M)

HP: 87%
Energy: 87%
Condition: Fairly annoyed


[Jolt] Jolteon (M)

HP: 97%
Energy: 89%
Condition: Not doing badly; Tormented; Poisoned

Switch- (Vaporeon switched for Jolteon. Jolteon poisoned by Toxic Spikes)
Torment- (Electivire -8% Energy; Jolteon Tormented)
Dig- (Jolteon -11% Energy; Electivire -13% HP)
Thunder Punch- (Rolled 2/10, 1 to paralyse; Electivire -5% Energy)
Poison- (Jolteon -3% HP)

Arena Notes
There are poisoned spikes around Jolt’s feet

Team Notes
2 pokémon remaining
Lucyfer: 63% HP, 40% Energy
2 pokémon remaining
Vapor: 78% HP, 74% Energy